Improving YouTube Video Views On Facebook

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How can you increase your YouTube Video Views when promoting on Facebook?

It’s important to keep up to date with digital marketing strategies and here at TwoFeetMarketing we regularly analyse results and test our strategies. It’s also important to keep up to date with the trends and practices among digital marketing platforms to get the most out of them. One particular interest is YouTube and how brands can generate more video views.

YouTube Video Views: What Have We Noticed?

Recently we have begun to wonder if Facebook possibly limits the exposure of YouTube postings on their network, and believe it could be by up to two-thirds, compared to other styles of update. Other bloggers have also reported this apparent trend of Facebook showing reluctance to share YouTube videos.

But if you post a video directly on to Facebook video you can get 50% more shares.

Why Would This Be?

Well, Facebook is a business like any other, and their video aspect is a rival to YouTube. Facebook live is also relatively new, being a year old in April this year, and this is something they are still regularly promoting.

The downside to this possible trend is that it may alienate those who rely heavily on YouTube. Also, there is little monetisation of Facebook videos, trials of this have only just started in the USA.

What Should I Do To Increase YouTube Video Views?

For success on social media, you need to consider what you want to achieve. In this case, if YouTube views are not especially important to you, and you’re just looking for overall brand exposure across numerous platforms, then upload your video directly to Facebook video as well as YouTube.

For some, YouTube video views and watches are essential as they rely heavily on YouTube to support their brand and income, especially as you need over 10,000 views on YouTube before you can start to make money from your videos (affiliate links aside).

If YouTube views are important to your brand, or you want to be a YouTube star, create a teaser video to post on Facebook. Link your Facebook video to the full video on your YouTube channel.

Alternatively, remove the preview box which is auto-generated when you insert the YouTube link into the Facebook post. Then upload the custom thumbnail you use for the YouTube video. In experiments, this has increased organic reach.


Using Facebook video adds another way for you to grow brand awareness and another dimension to Facebook. However, if you rely on YouTube as part of your brand and earnings, it may be necessary to change your tactics to maximise Facebook shares of your video.

Try our suggestions above to get the most out of Facebook videos and YouTube.

Have you noticed this possible trend? Or something different?

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