Consider These When Writing Blog Posts

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Your vision isn’t the only thing to consider when you are writing blog posts.
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When writing blog posts, there are several key elements to ensure the content matches the expectations of your audience. If you don’t get the mix right, your website might not attract the audience you want or offer them a solution.

So here are five things to consider when you are writing blog posts.

Writing Blog Posts Aimed at The Reading Ease They Are Use To

Think of your target audience and what other publications they like to read. I’ve found too many businesses expect their audiences to be reading prose that has far too much detail. You don’t want to be creating the next ‘Moby Dick’ or ‘War and Peace’ when they are used to reading the latest news in a tabloid. Every publication has a different ease of reading. Using the Flesch–Kincaid readability tests you can find out how your text performs.

Looking at the averages, The Mail has a reading ease of about 55, The Sun about 62, The Times about 21.2, The Harvard Law Review about 30-33, Forbes about 45 and The Readers Digest about 65. Think about what your audience is reading and then try to match that or try for a higher score.

Easier reading does not put off readers; harder reading does.

Writing Blog Posts That Use Terms Your Audience Will Be Using

This is primarily for search engines but also for making the text easy for your readers to understand. You want to be found online and therefore you need to use terms that you know your target audience will use.

For instance we offer content writing services. However, that term is not going to be used by the small to medium businesses that we serve in their searches. Instead they use terms like blog writing, article writing and copywriting. The vast majority don’t tend to use content marketing, information marketing or relationship marketing. Therefore, the concentration on keywords is on the first group and avoids the second.

It doesn’t matter if there is limited competition for any of those terms. If no-one in our target audience is using them the site won’t be found.

Consider Writing Blog Posts At The Length Your Audience Will Enjoy

If your audience lead exceedingly busy lives they aren’t going to want to continue to read something that is thousands of words long. Yes there is evidence longer blog posts are better for search engines and there is some evidence longer blog posts are ‘linked to’ more. However, our own research (which we’ll be doing a part 2 of soon) demonstrates there is little evidence to show content length and social shares are related.

You’ve got to think that your blog posts are first going to be skim read for useful information and then if their attention is grabbed they will read the entire article. Readers pick up on the general tone of a message and will react accordingly. You need to concentrate on what your audience has time for and what their expectations are.


There is one theme that has ridden true throughout this blog post, that writing blog posts is about knowing what your audience expects, not what you want to provide them. You might be offering the best service in the world, but if you don’t speak to your target customers in a manner they are used to, you might as well not bother writing blog posts.

For those interested, this blog post has a reading score of 70, though usually we have scores around 55-60.