Want A Great WordPress Site? You Need These Plugins

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Make your WordPress site the best ever!

One of the best things about WordPress is you can add to its functionality. However, that tends to mean that people just add plugins like they are candy. The more plugins, the more functionality right?! Well, that isn’t always the case.

We recently looked into a client’s website performance at their request (they had another company design their website) and found that they had a substantial number of plugins and at least half of them weren’t needed. There was so much redundancy with numerous plugins doing the same work.

This poses a challenge. Every plugin you have on your website slows it down. At first, you might not recognise the speed issue, but as you add more plugins to your website, the site becomes noticeably slower.

The issues are more prevalent when you are hosted on a shared server, as most small businesses are, compared to a virtual private server (as we recommend) or a dedicated server.

There are plugins which you do need. And with certain plugins, your website could be great, and they can really help your marketing.

So here is a list of the best plugins for your website.

1. Auto Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

This is a simple plugin that automatically creates your terms of service and privacy policy documents on your website. Google will actively search for these pages and rank your page lower if you don’t have them.

The pages are customisable with your brand name and this plugin saves a lot of time.

2. Cookie Notice

Satisfying a legal requirement, this plugin is easy /8-+to use and set up. Simply install it and add your preferences then it does the work.

3. NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

This is a plugin we’ve recently started to use and it’s great! As soon as you publish new content to your website, it will allow you to publish content to your social media networks, other connected blogs and email your contacts via MailChimp.

It’s completely customisable from the blog posts, so if you don’t want an email notification, no problem – just uncheck that option.

You can also customise the updates to make them unique and memorable to your audience. While you need the pro version for certain platforms (or multiple accounts on other platforms), the free version is good enough for most brands.

With the right setup, it can save you at least two hours a week.

4. Yoast SEO

In my opinion, there is no better SEO plugin available on the internet. The team behind this plugin have thought of everything, and the free service is perfect for nearly every business.

Not only can you customise your meta details for search engines, but you can also improve your writing with their readability tips.

It can also provide you with an XML sitemap that can help search engines to index your website and improve crawlability with their spider bots.

5. WP Optimize

WordPress likes storing information including post revisions, spam comments, deleted content and many other aspects you might not realise. This can really slow your site down.

WP Optimize clears this out and is perfect for the beginner or intermediate user.

There is even the option for the function to be carried out at regular intervals (from every day to once a month). The plugin is also free – which is a big help.

6. W3 Total Cache

Caching your website is important. It helps your site load a lot more quickly. W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular and best products on the market. However, it isn’t the only option. W3 Total Cache conflicts with another of our plugins, so we use WP Fastest Cache.

These programs ensure your site is running as fast as possible by reducing the memory it takes to render your website and optimise loading operations.

What WordPress Plugins Do You Have?

Your WordPress website is valuable. But it can be better with the right plugins. Use our guide to ensure you are using the best WordPress plugins for your website.

What plugins do you recommend? Are you using any of the plugins above?

Let us know in the comments below.