The Best WordPress eCommerce Themes 2019

When you are building a WordPress eCommerce website, your success can boil down to a few, limited aspects of your website. One of those aspects is how good your website looks which is why many people use one of the specific WordPress eCommerce Themes. An aesthetically pleasing website design builds trust with your audience and helps to convert visitors. According to research, customers will abandon your site if there are errors on it.

One of the best ways to ensure your site doesn’t have errors on it is to use one of the best WordPress eCommerce themes. This is because they are usually designed with good clean code, are SEO ready, tested by professionals, and include support to ensure any problems are rectified.

What Makes A Theme One Of The Best WordPress eCommerce Themes?

There are many WordPress eCommerce themes on the market. However, not all of them are suitable for your website. That is why you need to know what makes a good theme for your online store.

Here is a quick list of what we look for in our themes to determine whether they are suitable for your e-store.

1. SEO Ready

There’s a lot of competition online for most niches. Therefore, you want to have a theme optimised for search engines. This includes clean code and features that might help you rank such as meta description creation and social media integration.

One of the most important aspects of good SEO is image optimisation. Some themes don’t contain optimised images. This can slow down your website and weaken your rank on Google and other search engines.

2. Customisation

Another important consideration is how easy it is to customise your theme. You don’t want your website to look the same as other eCommerce stores. Customers will believe you’re lazy, and this reflects badly on your branding. It might also confuse audiences who have visited your e-store and also other similar ones on the net.

Therefore, you should always look for ways to customise your store via colours, the placing of items on the page and even the text. Customisation can even include language.

3. Speed

Another important aspect is the speed of the site. For every second it takes for your website to load, you’ll lose 7% of your revenue. If it takes more than four seconds to load your site, then you’ve lost a quarter of your revenue. This could all make the difference between profit and loss, especially if you are just starting out.

Many aspects make a site fast. This does include many of the things that we’ve mentioned before. But there are other aspects to consider.

4. Compatibility

The biggest advantage of WordPress sites is the number of available plugins that improve website functionality. However, sometimes there are conflicts between plugins and themes. This can make running an eCommerce store very difficult.

However, the best WordPress eCommerce themes are those that can work seamlessly with all plugins. Or at least the major ones that you’ll need for success.

5. Responsiveness

Another major feature is the responsiveness of the WordPress theme. More shoppers are now looking on their phones and tablets at products online. If you don’t have a responsive theme, your site won’t display very well on mobile devices and users will leave. They might even leave you a bad review or tell their friends/family about their experience.

Having a responsive site is no longer a luxury online. It needs to be implemented from the beginning. How mobile-friendly your site is, is also a factor in search engine ranking. So, there are plenty of reasons to include this in the criteria for great WordPress themes for eCommerce stores.

Our List Of The Best WordPress eCommerce Themes

Here is our quick list for the best WordPress eCommerce themes:


Divi WordPress Theme

First on the list is Divi. While it isn’t strictly an eCommerce theme, it does do a good job because of its versatility. The driving force behind this is the Divi builder, a drag-and-drop page builder that will allow you to customise your website quickly and easily without any technical knowledge. The biggest advantage of this page builder is that you can see the effects of the changes instantly as you make them on the page.

To help you customise your website there are 46 different content elements you can place on your website. Content elements include countdown timers, video, social media among others, to really build a unique site that suits your needs perfectly.

But if building a website from scratch terrifies you, then you can use one of the 20 pre-made templates included in the theme. You can still customise these layouts for a unique website appearance that will impress visitors to your website.

Another benefit of Divi is that it is great for testing your website’s designs. Elegant Themes have added a great little feature known as split-testing into the code of the theme. This allows you to test one design against another. You can compare bounce rates, conversions and other metrics to see which is bringing in the most revenue for your online store.

Finally, Divi is compatible with most WordPress plugins and this includes WooCommerce, which you are probably using to power your online store.

Why you should choose Divi:

• Page builder included with the purchase of Divi.
• A strong community of developers who can help you with the theme.
• The Divi theme has been translated into 32 languages.
• The theme coding is secure, so there is limited risk of your site being hacked.



StoreVilla from AccessPress Themes is one of the best WordPress eCommerce themes available. As a big plus, there is a free version of this WordPress theme. However, if you really want to develop a strong eCommerce store, the paid version is probably the best option as the free version is missing a lot of critical features.

For instance, you can’t display a section on your website for offers or deals on the free version. And on the free version, you’ve only got a third of the pro-widgets that are available on the pro version of the theme. In all, the StoreVilla Pro theme is excellent. It is stylish and offers unlimited colour choice. In addition, you add breadcrumbs throughout your site that help with SEO and user navigation.

If you’re worried about traffic getting to your site, you don’t need to with this theme. The clean code, responsive design and fast speed will help you rank highly on Google and other search engines. Just remember to apply common SEO tactics for better ranking.

If you don’t want help with building your first eCommerce store, there is a demo importer with the paid version. Once imported, you can customise the site’s text, images and colours to create a unique site within minutes.

For your actual shop pages, there are tonnes of options. You can configure and customise the shop pages, so you can display a specific number of products, add/remove sidebars, and customise what products/categories you display on the page. In addition, the theme comes with an advanced product search functionality that can help improve conversions on your website and reduce cart abandonment.

Why you should choose StoreVilla

• A very fast website that will be easy for your users to load and navigate.
• Retina ready and fully responsive, so your website will look good on any device.
• Pro version contains more than 15 widgets to enhance your website’s design and functionality.
• Display your best products with the in-built slider or Slider Revolution.



Vshop is a modern, sleek and beautiful WooCommerce theme that will help you create a good impression with your target audience. It is the perfect theme if you sell fashion or other physical products. This is an easy theme to install and you can upload the demo data to ensure you have a functioning website within minutes. From there you can customise the look, feel, and content of the site to better match your website aspirations.

As a WooCommerce theme, it is obvious that this theme is compatible with WooCommerce. However, it is also compatible with other premium plugins like YITH WooCommerce Wishlist and YITH WooCommerce Compare Products. Both of these plugins can really help you drive sales on your website.

The website is SEO optimised, so you can be assured your site can be found on search engines. However, to improve your rankings, the theme is fully compatible with Yoast SEO. In addition, you’ll find the code is clean and modern with validated HTML5 Code. To help you improve your site’s search rank, and to improve user experiences, you’ll also find that this theme works well with Autoptimize and Total Cache. You can even extend the reach of your eCommerce store with the help of social media functionality included within the theme.

Customisation is easy with the theme. You can use unlimited colours within your design and page builders can help you refine the design to your specific eStore needs. Once built, you can be sure your site will look great on any device as it is fully responsive and tested on multiple devices.

Why you should choose Vshop

• Elegant animations to bring life to your website and attract audiences to stay on the page.
• More than 500 Google Fonts you can use within your website’s design.
• Websites can be viewed on all browsers and mobile devices.
• Lots of additional functionality that will aid your customer’s journey, from browsing to buying.

Easy Store Pro

Easy Store Pro

Easy Store Pro is a great eCommerce theme. The clean and elegant design is user-friendly, and great for SEO. The theme also comes with lots of cool features to make it a great choice for those selling products online. One of the key plugins it’s fully compatible with is YITH WooCommerce Wishlist.

There is a free version off this theme, but the difference between the two is staggering. For one thing, you don’t get the image hover functionality on the free version. This is a feature that many customers love as they can see products in great detail. In addition, you’re limited on the fonts you can use in the free version, whereas the pro version has over 600. This can make a significant difference when it comes to branding your website.

The final negative of the free version, is that it isn’t compatible with WooCommerce. The pro version is.

Those who are looking for a quick setup can import demo content with just a few clicks. So you can get started quickly on your new website project. Once you’ve installed the demo content, you can customise your website’s appearance with a great number of options, including unlimited colours and other customisation options. For the benefit of those who aren’t technically minded or experienced, the theme is super easy to use and you don’t need to know any code.

Like many WordPress themes, Easy Store Pro is retina ready and fully responsive. You can also set custom 404 pages that are really useful for SEO and user experiences. This is certainly a WordPress eCommerce theme that has a lot of potential.

Why you should choose Easy Store Pro

• Easy to use WordPress theme that can help you set up a store in minutes.
• Over 600 Google fonts and unlimited colours so you can match your website to your branding.
• Up to three header layouts to choose from.
• Up to 10 widgets to help you add more functionality and design options to your website.


WordPress eCommerce Themes - Adamas

This eCommerce WordPress theme is an attractive, unique and minimalistic theme that will perform well as the basis of any online store. The versatility of this theme makes it a great choice for those businesses who have lots of revenue streams and a small shop. However, don’t be put off it if you have a large store, it can manage those as well.

The Adamas theme comes with many add-ons that give you a powerful theme and a great functional website. For instance, to help you design and build a website, there is the Aqua drag and drop page builder. This page builder includes lots of custom modules that can help you create unique website designs and more functionality to your website. To aid in your design, you can also use any colour you wish, thanks to the innovative colour picker.

In addition, you’ll be given the brilliant Revolution Slider. This plugin can be very useful on many stores to highlight lots of products in a small space.

Your website, when finished, will look great on any device or browser. The theme will even look great on small screens.

Why you should choose Adamas

• Responsive website design that can look good on any device.
• A versatile website theme that can be used to power small or large eCommerce stores.
• Support from the developers to help you with any problems you might have.
• Installation is available if you aren’t sure how your theme can be installed.


WordPress eCommerce Themes - ultra

Ultra is an all-in-one WordPress theme that can really help young eCommerce stores make their mark on the internet. It is a powerful theme that has full WooCommerce integration and lots of features to make the most of your website.

Designing your website is easy with Ultra. The theme comes with pre-made demo sites, to help you get up and running in a matter of minutes with just some customisation for your brand to do. If you are an agency and looking for a way to quickly set up client sites, this can be a real time saver. If you’re willing to work on your website for longer, you can start from scratch or use one of more than 60+ layout templates.

For customisation, the theme comes with the fantastic Themify builder. This is a great little drag and drop builder that can be great for themes and themes from other developers. Ultra also comes with 12 bonus builder addons to really help you grow your website’s functionality. These include progress bar, timelines, maps and more.

The theme is also SEO optimised, so you can start attracting traffic to your site with just a few touches to the other areas of your website. The theme also has super clean code and is very speedy, so Google and other search engines will like your site.

If you also want to heavily use social media in your online marketing plans, then Ultra comes with the social media icons required. This addition can be a real time saver as finding the right social images otherwise can be a pain. Finally, this theme, like others from this developer, is ready for translation, so if you operate in more than one country, you know your site can be translated.

Why you should choose Ultra

• Image filters allow you to customise product images to add interest and intrigue.
• Over 600 Google Fonts for you to choose from.
• There are 17 header/page styles for you to choose from.
• Demo site and pre-made layout options to help you quickly get your website up-and-running.


WordPress eCommerce Themes - Donnie

If you’re looking for a child theme, then this might be the WordPress eCommerce theme for your business. Donnie is perfect for fashion boutiques, clothing stores and other online marketplaces. The site is responsive and retina ready, so you can be sure your website will look great on any device you choose. This has been tested on numerous devices. In addition, the developers have been able to keep websites built with this theme fast.

Some unique features in this theme include six unique home page demos that can be installed and customised as your brand requires. The theme has clean code and is search engine optimised. So, you can be sure your site won’t be lost on search engines and you can drive traffic to your website to convert visitors into customers.

There is a great header and footer builder, so you can customise them to fit your brand’s need.

To help you make sales on your site, there are options for a product wishlist and a compare feature. You can also add a floating ‘add to cart’ bar that can help to push customers to make a purchase. For your customers who are in a rush, they can even see products in a product quick view option. Finally, a native cart popup is included that can help you generate lots of leads to sell later on.

Why you should choose Donnie

• A child theme is the best type of theme to use if you want to add in your own code.
• There are lots of customisation options to help you build your own branded website.
• The theme is fast and ready for search engines.
• Lots of great WooCommerce add-ons that make selling easier on your website.

These are our top WordPress eCommerce themes

Now you have the choice of several WordPress eCommerce theme that could help you build a great eStore. Which one will choose? Let us know in the comments and show us your final website design.