Three Reasons To Do A Website Speed Test Now

Users of the internet are very demanding. They want to have their website’s load now and don’t like to wait around. That is why the time it takes for your website pages to load is very important. If you don’t know this statistic, you should run a website speed test now.

As we’ve discussed in a recent plugin review article, speed can impact the success of your online business. Here are three crucial areas that they affect and give perfect reasons why you need to run a website speed test today.

1. Loss In Revenues

The first, and most important, is there is a significant loss in conversion for every second it takes for your site to load. After one second, you will lose about 7% of your business’ revenue for every second it takes to upload your website. Just a four second delay could cost you a quarter of your revenue. It would take just seven seconds for you to lose half your revenue.

In 2018, the average load time for a retailer in the UK was 10 seconds. So many companies could earn up to three times the revenue just be speeding up their website.

2. Higher Bounce Rates

A bounce rate is when your visitor leaves your site after visiting just one page. The longer it takes for the page to load, the more chance that the user won’t even read your content and just your website immediately.

This can potentially ruin your website as a high bounce rate will lower your rank on Google and other search engines leading to lower levels of traffic.

3. Negative Reviews

Bad website experiences will lead to a poor reputation online. Sites like TrustPilot and other review sites will take website speed into consideration and therefore competitors will take traffic away from your business.

Do Your Website Speed Test Now

There are many places to conduct a website speed test today. We recommend Pingdom or GTMetrix. To help speed a WordPress website (or another type), you should consider optimising images. You can download our quick guide here for that information.