TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 24

Following from yesterday’s idea about running a competition…the next aspect to decide is what you wish to offer the winner, e.g. a service, a product, an item, an ebook etc.

There are many considerations when planning your prize dependent on your business and situation, here is a sample:

  • What you can afford to give away (in time and money)?
  • How long a service would run for, how much of a product you wish to offer/ what size, etc.?
  • What will you need from the winner?
  • Are you restricting the competition to a region/country?
  • If the prize is information based can your audience find the information freely elsewhere? If so, what is your USP?
  • Is the prize worth the entry requirements for your audience?
  • Will your audience want the prize?

Follow TFM 365 tomorrow for the next instalment – and don’t hesitate to add anything we’ve missed in the comments.

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