Why You Should Be Using Twitter

Twitter on a smartphone
Why should your business start using Twitter?

Businesses can really take advantage of Twitter. Even if your primary focus is not to generate interest from new customers, you can find exciting ways to use the social media network. In this article we take a look at the reasons why you should be using Twitter.

Twitter Gives Your Company A Recognisable Brand

Many small businesses suffer the problem of not being recognised in their industry or local community. Others may find that because they do not see their customers face-to-face that their brand is viewed only as a logo.

Nothing sells better these days than having an identity with a human touch. Jumping on Twitter and posting updates can give your company that unique identity. A unique identity allows you to connect with your target audience. An engaged audience will then start to trust your business and are more likely to buy from you.

You Can Collect Feedback From Your Customers

If you are able to earn the trust of your customers and you regularly communicate with them through Twitter, you will be able to use the network to request, collect and share feedback. Even if the feedback is not positive, you can consider what the customer has said and take steps to ensure that the same mistakes are not made again.

Brand Awareness

As well as creating a brand for your business, Twitter is good at marketing that brand. In fact, your Twitter’s primary success, whether you know it or not, will be about brand awareness. The great thing about Twitter is that it can cost just a small amount of your time to implement an effective marketing strategy.

Also, if you create a really good update which excites the audience it can be shared across the Twitter-sphere. Going viral may be a dream when you start, but when it happens it will drive visitors to your business in ever increasing numbers.

Twitter Allows You To Give Timely Updates

Customers are always looking for the latest information on the businesses they want to buy from or are using. If you are running a service and there is a disruption or you have a new feature, Twitter can be used to highlight that. Not keeping customers up-to-date is one of the key reasons why customers leave a business; therefore you can use Twitter to combat this.

Spreading News About Promotions

Customers love to save money on their purchases and you can increase the awareness of your promotional offers through Twitter. Some businesses even use Twitter to give special codes which are only available to those who are following their brands online. This creates extra sales for the business and brand loyalty.

Brand Loyalty

Following on from the above point, brand loyalty is one of the key reasons why you want to connect to people on social media. Research has demonstrated that customers are more likely to buy from a company they trust rather than a new company even if it has a cheaper price. You can take advantage of this by communicating with your customers regularly and ensuring that they are happy with their purchase and by providing them with useful content.

Increase Your Revenue

In 2009, Dell recorded that they made a total of $6.5 million sales from just their Twitter account. Therefore Twitter can direct your audience to a sales landing page where they can buy one of your products.

Market Intelligence

This is probably one of the best reasons (besides marketing) why you should be using Twitter. From the network you can collect a variety of market intelligence. Because Twitter runs in real-time you don’t have to wait for surveys to be completed (although Twitter can be used to direct customers to one). You can simply log in and see what topics are currently trending.

This can include conversations on what your competitors are offering to what your customers are asking for. Once you know this information you can use it to adjust your business’ plans and take advantage of opportunities and combat unfavourable market conditions.

Customer Service / Technical Support

Using Twitter as a form of customer service or technical support is becoming a major use for businesses. Not only does it show other users the lengths you’ll be willing to go to in order to make your customers happy, it is also an accessible, easy and quick way for your customers to connect with you.

The problem with this is that you have to be responsive and you might need to pay someone to monitor your Twitter account during office hours.

It Makes Finding Top Talent Easier

Recruitment in Twitter is becoming a major aspect of its use. By using Twitter, businesses are able to post job adverts, search for suitable candidates and carry out background checks. Again, because Twitter is free to use, it makes this a fairly cost-effective way to recruit new employees. In 2013 it was estimated that 15% of new jobs were filled through social media, including Twitter.


Twitter is one of the best marketing avenues for your business. It has the potential to deliver content and grow interaction with your customers – which will only develop the trust between you and your audience. At the same time it can be used for such things as customer relations and new staff searches.

So start your Twitter journey today and see the results.