Seven Ways To Make Your Twitter Updates More Shareable

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Do you want to make your Twitter updates more shareable?

Whether you are looking to promote your products, share a story, or educate an audience – Twitter is a great tool for expanding your reach. Yet many brands struggle to get their Twitter updates noticed and shared. This is because they fail to use proper strategies and don’t keep updated with best practices to make the most of their opportunities.

You Can Be Viewed By A Nation

Over the past year, we’ve collected data on our Twitter campaigns. For our few select clients of Twitter marketing, we reach an average 3 million accounts a week. That’s the power of Twitter. You can reach millions of people.

Using our years of experience in social media marketing, we’ve come up with the best tips to promote your brand on the social network, and get your Twitter updates noticed and shared across the world.

1. Include Third Party Content In Your Twitter Updates

When you concentrate on just your brand, you are limiting your presence. Twitter is a social network. Therefore, you should consider content from other sources, for example, news from complimentary businesses and educational pieces to help your audience identify why they need your services.

If you are in business, some of the best sources are sites like Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Inc.

2. Limit Hashtag Use

Okay, hashtags are like keywords that users can focus on to find new content, however, research demonstrates that those who use too many hashtags receive fewer shares. Too many hashtags look spammy on your Twitter updates, and that reflects on your professional image.

Try to limit hashtag use to one, two or at most three per update, and make them relevant to the content they are promoting.

3. Don’t Make Your Twitter Updates Too Long

This is a real issue with some people. Some people will not share your content if it is too long as it doesn’t allow them to add something at the beginning of the tweet when they share it via tools like Hootsuite. The ideal length is about 120 characters. Though the shorter, the better.

To help with your updates, follow these best practices to make them shorter:

  • Have hashtags as part of the main message.
  • Use short URLs (though not shortened URLs – more about that later).
  • Keep your central message concise.

4. Include Images With Every Twitter Update

Images are no longer included in the update character limit; therefore, you have an excellent opportunity to make your content stand out in a Twitter stream. Use sites like Canva or tools like Paint.Net to make your images unique and include your brand logo.

Remember, even though the update is on Twitter, you are still responsible for any copyright infringement, so only use free image sites and attribute images when required, (unless you wish to pay for an image, of course).

5. Scatter Your Twitter Updates

Twitter updates have a very short lifespan. Even a high-performing tweet can live for just 18 minutes. That’s significantly shorter than the average Facebook update. Therefore, you need to scatter your updates throughout the day between 8 am and 8 pm when Twitter is most active.

6. Have Value To Your Twitter Updates

Nothing beats a good message. Make sure you are giving your audience a reason to read and share your content. Anything ambiguous is going to be ignored.

7. Don’t Use URL Shortening Software

Another challenge is your updates not being readable. While URL shorteners are popular with businesses and content marketers, research has found that many consumers don’t trust the link. They think it might be a scam, or perhaps harmful to their computer.

Therefore, skip the shortening and use your full URL.

Give Your Twitter Updates That Sparkle

When you want to promote on Twitter, you need updates that will attract the attention of the desired user and encourage sharing. That is how you can increase the number of people viewing and interacting with your content.

With the right campaigns, you can improve your business’ reach and generate leads without any cost. Use the tips above to help you create better Twitter campaigns.

What are your Twitter update tips? What is your monthly reach on the social media platform?

Let us know in the comments below!