Are You The General Of Your Twitter Campaign?

twitter campaign
Do you run your Twitter campaign like a General?

Twitter is one of the best ways you can generate interest in your business and funnel traffic through to your site. However, to get one of the best types of campaigns going, you need many different elements working together to create a rich strategy that attracts interest in your brand.

One of the elements included is the regular publication of old content. A way to keep it fresh is to constantly change the introduction of content. For instance:

Top five social media tips for new businesses <link>

Could be written as:

“What are our top five social media tips for your business? <link>


“Want to have a great social media campaign? <link> here are our top five tips”

The Backbone Of Twitter Campaigns

To really make your Twitter campaigns grow and excel you need to interact, share content and show your personality.

Even if you use a campaign manager like Hootsuite or Buffer, it can take time for you to populate your Twitter feed with a decent number of updates. You’ll also have to manually input all the times you want the content to be released by the automated program.

This is a lengthy chore to do on a weekly or monthly basis. There is another way however. That is letting a premium software program do the ‘grunt work’ for you.

Socialoomph allows subscribers to their Twitter Unlimited plan to create a series of updates that are published regularly. You create the updates, set the amount of time between tweets and which days you want tweets to go out. This can be a massive time saver and allows you to concentrate on other more strategic aspects of your Twitter campaigns.

The Strategic Elements Of A Twitter Campaign

When we talk about the strategic elements of a Twitter campaign, we refer to tweets that gain significant interaction and attention. This includes those sharing relevant information from others, communicating with members of your target audience and thanking those who have been involved in your recent activities.

These are strategic because they have far reaching consequences and are more likely to gain a response on Twitter that will further your reach. This is because each one is likely to be featured on other users’ Twitter feeds, meaning it will not only show to your followers but also on the accounts of those you interact with.

The main strategic elements of a Twitter campaign include:

Thanking Those Who Have Interacted With YouIf someone has retweeted your content or followed you, sending a message of thanks is a way of showing appreciation. These are often conversation starters or shared again, helping you to reach more people.

Sharing Third Party ContentSharing content from third parties is one way to show you are a community member. The share will be registered on the content owner’s profile as well as yours.

Finding New FollowersFinding new followers is one way to grow your own following, though you have to find the right people to follow. This takes time.

By completing these options, you will find that your following will organically grow with greater speed and more people will interact with your brand. This will increase your marketing power and reach, making your twitter campaign more effective.

So don’t be the grunt of your twitter campaign, be the general and complete more strategic work while a computer system does the basics.