Three Industries That Under Utilise Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is a powerful tool

Digital marketing is the new way to connect with your target audience. Research has shown that online sales are increasing year-on-year and that soon more will be bought via the internet than in stores. Yet at times, there are many industries which are slow at adopting the digital marketing techniques to grow their audience.

When some of these industries do adopt the right techniques for digital marketing, they don’t think strategically enough to maximise the opportunity for them. So which industries are slow to adopt the digital marketing concept and how can they embrace the new marketing platforms to achieve the best results?


Mainstream and self published authors are number one on this list. There are some very good digital marketing orientated authors out there; however, the vast majority aren’t focused enough on their efforts to grow their personal brand.

In fact, some authors are terrible and market to the wrong audience or create content that is going to alienate their main buyers. One of the biggest concerns is that content is generally targeted towards other authors. While authors are readers, they aren’t a significant proportion of this market.

Also authors tend to focus on Twitter and Facebook. While these are important marketing activities, research shows that only 1% of online purchases are because of social media marketing. As well as these, authors need to focus on email marketing and creating online content readers are going to want to read.

Restaurants And Pubs

There is some really good digital marketing from restaurants and pubs out there. However, there are many that don’t believe digital marketing is for them. This is the wrong attitude. Social media, blogging and email marketing are important because they:

  • Help build SEO to raise brands to the top of local Google searches.
  • Can keep engaging customers so that they remember their positive experiences.
  • Act as a cost effective platform for expanding the reach of brands.

While many of the big restaurant chains have email marketing lists and social media accounts. Much of their content is speaking at the audience rather than with. This doesn’t build an audiences’ trust in a brand nor develop brand loyalty.

Instead these industries need to create responsive digital marketing campaigns and really interact with target audiences to discover true brand loyalty.

Estate Agents

Estate agencies often fail digital marketing in several ways. Very few actually embrace blogging, social media or email marketing. Yet these three platforms could be a way to increase letting and sales opportunities and decrease the time to sell.

The main reason why estate agents aren’t effectively using social media or blogging is because they don’t understand it. Many partners in estate agents haven’t any training or experience in digital marketing techniques and some believe it is just a fad that will pass by. However, more and more time is being spent on social media and many consumers will actively seek brands on social media.

In fact digital marketing could be effectively used to grow the opportunities for an estate agency. Firstly, blogging could be used to display expert local industry knowledge and raise the search engine rank of the agency in local Google searches. This can be very useful for those looking to find sellers and landlords who are likely to use Google to find an estate agency. Social media can be used to connect to those in your local areas to provide similar advice and support. In addition, social media supports SEO, helping those rankings.

Finally, email marketing can be used to promote new listings to a wide audience. Imagine the benefit of saying that every new instruction will be immediately emailed to 10,000 email contacts?! The value of your services will immediately be higher in the eyes of the landlord or seller.

Digital Marketing Is The Future

Not every industry is getting involved in the digital marketing revolution. Yet there are many who can benefit from the three main platforms used in internet marketing. The three industries above are just such examples.

Are you underutilising digital marketing? What industry do you think could utilise digital marketing better?

Let us know.