The Apprentice Week Two: Leadership, Branding And Confidence

the apprentice week two team spirit
The Apprentice candidates need some team spirit if they are going to win a task!

The second week of The Apprentice gave us insight into the marketing skills of the candidates.

The task was simple – create an advertising campaign for Japanese denim jeans. They had complete control over the branding, video advert, bus shelter advert and interactive billboard.

As usual, there were a lot of lessons to learn.

1. Human Resources

It is important to ensure you are using the right people for the task. Lord Sugar made a lot of Nebula not choosing Rebecca as project manager for her obvious skills – but the problem ran a lot deeper. When in situ, both teams didn’t use their talents wisely.

This lead to one team not completing all of their advertising designs and another arguing a lot, with a campaign that was mismatched.

Not setting the right people for tasks also led to a poor pitch for Titans.

Also, staff weren’t given clear responsibilities. This contributed to models not getting to Titan’s photoshoot on time and the jeans being left at another location for team Nebula.

2. Confidence In The Product

Another key problem was a lack of confidence in the products. This is important whether you are creating it, marketing it, or selling it on the shop floor.

Titans certainly were disengaged with their product, and you could see that in their market research.

You can’t sell a product if you aren’t really passionate about it. Titans needed to get behind the product and react.

3. No Brand Story

In my mind, there was no brand story for either of the teams this week. Titans had a boy meets girl story, but that wasn’t connected to the jeans other than they were both wearing the same brand of jeans.

Nebula had little story other than two people meeting in a Japanese restaurant – the story could have been about the restaurant.

A story should concentrate on the product and all aspects of it need to be carefully thought out.

The Apprentice Strikes

Lord Sugar certainly had a tough choice for which candidate to fire, and so bought both project managers with two other team members each, back into the boardroom.

But in the end, it was what the individual’s contribution, not the mistakes they made that swayed Lord Sugar‘s decision and it was Natalie Hughes who left the process.

Did he fire the right candidate? What do you think?