Title Capitalisation: Which Way Is Best?

title capitalisation
One of the biggest headaches for content writing is how to capitalise headings. There are so many different title capitalisation styles that you can be forgiven for not knowing which is more suitable for you. Even articles that write about this topic can sometimes forget an acceptable way to capitalise titles. Here is our quick guide to the title capitalisation options your business could use in documents, website copy and blog posts. First Tip: Formatting Not Editing The first issue to...
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Are There Too Many Cooks Involved In Your Digital Marketing Campaigns?

too many cooks ruining digital marketing
One of the biggest mistakes made by many businesses taking tentative steps into digital marketing is to involve too many people, especially those in the higher echelons of the business. While it is important that all those in the business are aware of the campaigns being undertaken, they don’t all need to get involved. What Problems Do Businesses Have When They Involve Too Many People? The simple answer to the above question is the dilution of the message and voice. Successful digital mark...
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It’s A Magic Number: The Power Of Three

Marketing is all about increasing the awareness of your brand and blogging is one of the best ways to achieve this. It can be indexed by search engines, consumers will engage with it and it can demonstrate your authority in your industry. There are few things which are universal in the world of blogging. What length of blog post works for one industry will not for another, the tone of the writing can vary considerably and there are always questions on what picture will best suit each post...
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