How To Overcome The White Screen Of Death

white screen of death
The white screen of death is the result when a WordPress website is broken. Simply put, it is when a white screen appears instead of the page that should. The error could appear on the whole website, in the admin section of WordPress, or just on one page. Wherever the white screen of death occurs, it is a serious problem for your brand and should be fixed as soon as possible. What Causes The White Screen Of Death? The white screen often appears when there is an error within the code of ...
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Product Photography How To Get It Right

product photography
Product photography is important if you sell physical items via your website. They enable you to demonstrate what your product looks like, set expectations, and convince potential customers that your product will add value to their life. The importance of product photography has been extensively researched. The human brain is designed to process images 60,000 times faster than text. Therefore, one image can say more about your product than a whole book. Yet a bad picture or poor placem...
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