Title Capitalisation: Which Way Is Best?

title capitalisation
One of the biggest headaches for content writing is how to capitalise headings. There are so many different title capitalisation styles that you can be forgiven for not knowing which is more suitable for you. Even articles that write about this topic can sometimes forget an acceptable way to capitalise titles. Here is our quick guide to the title capitalisation options your business could use in documents, website copy and blog posts. First Tip: Formatting Not Editing The first issue to...
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The Free Powerful Marketing Words You Need

Copy for your website and blogs will be much more powerful if you use words which perform well. Here are a list of the most powerful words to use and why they are so effective. Because Studies have shown that people are more likely to act upon something favourably if you give them a reason to. Including the word ‘because’ stimulates the audience into acknowledging that you have a reason, even if it is a poor one. For instance, research has tested the acceptance rate of someone cutting i...
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