Are You Missing Out On Retweets?

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One of the fundamental objectives of Twitter is the goal of getting retweets. There are many reasons why people aren’t sharing your content, if you are not seeing a single share from your followers, or others, in a day, week or even longer. Here are some of the more common reasons why your updates aren’t attracting retweets: 1. They Are Too Long This is the one that often forces TwoFeetMarketing not to retweet or share an update with our followers. Tweets that are too long don’t allow f...
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Fake Followers: Why Buying Followers Is Bad

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I was doing a review of a potential client the other day when I decided to do a fake follower report. I don’t know why, I just decided that the numbers didn’t add up to me. How could an account have 10,000 followers but almost no interaction? Then I found the answer, the account that I was being asked to manage had a significant number of fake followers. We’re not talking about 10 or 20%, we are talking 60% fake followers and 20% inactive followers. When I run the same report on TwoFee...
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Are You The General Of Your Twitter Campaign?

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Twitter is one of the best ways you can generate interest in your business and funnel traffic through to your site. However, to get one of the best types of campaigns going, you need many different elements working together to create a rich strategy that attracts interest in your brand. One of the elements included is the regular publication of old content. A way to keep it fresh is to constantly change the introduction of content. For instance: Top five social media tips for new busin...
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Social Media Statistics: The Basics To Monitor

social media statistics
Social media is one of the best traffic generators for your organisation. If you target and engage the audience right, you can expect to see huge returns on your investment. However, it takes time, patience and perseverance to ensure your social media marketing campaign runs smoothly. The metrics of social media are hard to understand. Unlike with traditional marketing analysis, you cannot simply say bigger is better. Here are some of the metrics that you are probably looking at and a des...
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Twitter Etiquette: Give Me A Reason…To Follow You

Twitter Etiquette Image Of People Talking
Twitter etiquette is very important and there are numerous social rules which are often presented to users. Some of these rules are very clear. For instance, you should thank anyone who mentions you or retweets an update. Another good example is to ensure you give credit to the original posters of content. However, there is one rule which always seems to upset some users: the follow back rule. What Is The Twitter Etiquette Regarding Follow Back Depending on who you speak to, there are a...
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Three Easy Ways To Increase Your Twitter Following

Social media is becoming one of the essential needs for your online marketing activities. Those who are not on social media can find they suffer a lack of website visitors. This is because social media becomes part of your SEO, especially the basics of Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Twitter in particular is a very important aspect of your marketing. It can drive a large number of highly targeted visitors to your website. However, getting followers on Twitter can be a challenge for a number of...
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