Aggressive Sales: The Dangers To Your Brand

aggressive sales via a punch
I don’t like aggressive sales. It is unnecessary and it erodes the trust between client and supplier. Yet I am bombarded by aggressive salespeople who think that I must buy their product. So, I’m working on a client project when I receive a phone call from an online directory. The first thing they do is lie about the reason for their call – as many do. They stated they wanted to confirm the details I had submitted in January (the call was in November). However, soon afterwards they sea...
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Please The Gatekeeper, Please The Boss

gatekeeper image
There are always going to be times in business when you have to deal with gatekeepers, those that are preventing your sales teams from reaching the decision maker. A lot of sales people see these individuals as annoying or disruptive, a person to be cast aside unceremoniously. However, what sale agents don’t realise is that gatekeepers can be the most important people to influence. What Is A Gatekeeper Lots of small business owners aren’t sure what a gatekeeper is. The definition of the ga...
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