Should Your Staff Be Promoting Your Business On Social Media?

social media
When it comes to online marketing, many businesses have their own official account that regularly publishes new and existing content. This can be effective but unless you have a strong social media person behind you who is constantly monitoring and responding to content, there can be a lack of personality for your brand. The important fact is that for small businesses, the personality of a brand, or the people, that sell your products is so important. Therefore, encouraging your staff to prom...
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Are You The General Of Your Twitter Campaign?

twitter campaign
Twitter is one of the best ways you can generate interest in your business and funnel traffic through to your site. However, to get one of the best types of campaigns going, you need many different elements working together to create a rich strategy that attracts interest in your brand. One of the elements included is the regular publication of old content. A way to keep it fresh is to constantly change the introduction of content. For instance: Top five social media tips for new busin...
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Three Industries That Under Utilise Digital Marketing

digital marketing word cloud
Digital marketing is the new way to connect with your target audience. Research has shown that online sales are increasing year-on-year and that soon more will be bought via the internet than in stores. Yet at times, there are many industries which are slow at adopting the digital marketing techniques to grow their audience. When some of these industries do adopt the right techniques for digital marketing, they don’t think strategically enough to maximise the opportunity for them. So whic...
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The Social Buy Button Is Coming! Is It Right For You?

social buy button image
Facebook and Twitter have made great strides in establishing ecommerce onto their social networks in recent weeks. Now buying a new pair of shoes or the birthday present for your friend’s child could be as simple as looking at their profile and clicking ‘buy now’ via a social buy button. Some top brands have already tested at least one social buy button with US brand Old Navy leading the way when they started experimenting with Twitter’s version. At the same time, Facebook announced th...
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Ways To Get Sent To Twitter Jail

twitter jail image
‘Twitter Jail’ is when the social network prevents you from publishing new content through your profile. For some, this can be extremely detrimental, it reduces website traffic and limits lead generation. However, for others it is a competition to see if they can get banned on Twitter. What Is Twitter Jail? Twitter Jail is when your account is temporarily suspended and you are unable to gain access to your profile or release updates. The length of time that people spend in Twitter Jail var...
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Social Media Age Distribution Statistics

social media age distribution image
One of the most important marketing activities is generating a plan. Part of this strategy is to develop an understanding of your target audience, everything from their likes, career, marital status and their age. This is essential because you need to know how to focus your message for maximum effect. Yet many businesses fail to consider social media age distribution in relation to their plan and just simply post their content on whatever network they have access to. If you don’t consider...
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The Scottish Lesson In Social Media

social media image
When Scotland went to the polls to decide on the future of their nation, there was no precedent to show who might have won. Many looked to the polls to look at how the vote might have turned while others searched for clues on social media. Social media was truly one of the loudest battlegrounds from the voices of the people who mattered – the voters. There was also a big difference in the online support for the two campaigns. The Pro-independence campaign was mentioned 378,000 times on Tw...
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Social Media Statistics: The Basics To Monitor

social media statistics
Social media is one of the best traffic generators for your organisation. If you target and engage the audience right, you can expect to see huge returns on your investment. However, it takes time, patience and perseverance to ensure your social media marketing campaign runs smoothly. The metrics of social media are hard to understand. Unlike with traditional marketing analysis, you cannot simply say bigger is better. Here are some of the metrics that you are probably looking at and a des...
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Three Easy Ways To Increase Your Twitter Following

Social media is becoming one of the essential needs for your online marketing activities. Those who are not on social media can find they suffer a lack of website visitors. This is because social media becomes part of your SEO, especially the basics of Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Twitter in particular is a very important aspect of your marketing. It can drive a large number of highly targeted visitors to your website. However, getting followers on Twitter can be a challenge for a number of...
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