The Power Of Social Media Analytics

social media analytics graph
Social media analytics is an important part of your digital marketing management. If you are not employing any social media analytics within your business’ marketing strategy you could be missing out on significant traffic to your website and potential sales. On average, internet users spend over one and a half hours a day on social media and you need to determine exactly how much of that time they are spending interacting with your brand. Every time a follower or user interacts with your...
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Why Some Hashtag Slogans Just Aren’t Needed!

Hashtags are a great way for your business to attract audiences to your brands on social media by using topics to connect your brand with their searches. This has been the cornerstone for many platforms for a long time. For instance, using the hashtag #biztips will attract those looking for business advice and support. From time to time there are hashtags that pop-up for a particular cause. Recently there was the Elton John case where he encouraged users to create content with the tag #Bo...
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Social Media Age Distribution Statistics

social media age distribution image
One of the most important marketing activities is generating a plan. Part of this strategy is to develop an understanding of your target audience, everything from their likes, career, marital status and their age. This is essential because you need to know how to focus your message for maximum effect. Yet many businesses fail to consider social media age distribution in relation to their plan and just simply post their content on whatever network they have access to. If you don’t consider...
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Social Media Statistics: The Basics To Monitor

social media statistics
Social media is one of the best traffic generators for your organisation. If you target and engage the audience right, you can expect to see huge returns on your investment. However, it takes time, patience and perseverance to ensure your social media marketing campaign runs smoothly. The metrics of social media are hard to understand. Unlike with traditional marketing analysis, you cannot simply say bigger is better. Here are some of the metrics that you are probably looking at and a des...
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