Social Media Time: How Much Is Too Much?

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Social media time can be useful for promoting your business online. It can reach thousands of local and millions of other potential customers. This is why most small business leaders tend to spend copious amounts of time on their favourite platforms in an attempt to reach their audience. However, is this social media time positive? Is there a maximum amount of time you should be spending on social media? Social Media Time A Waste? One aspect for social media often cited is that very few...
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ABC Mistakes: What Can We Learn From The Social Media Meltdown?

Someone being angry on social media
During April 2014, Amy’s Baking Company was back in the news. This time being re-featured on the popular television show Ramesy’s Kitchen Nightmares. The first edition saw the chef walk out on the couple who claimed they were being ruined by online food critics. Yet what happened next is of interest to social media marketers everywhere. Within hours of the show originally airing on television, the Bistro’s online social media profiles were being inundated with negative comments. In res...
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