The Power Of Social Media Analytics

social media analytics graph
Social media analytics is an important part of your digital marketing management. If you are not employing any social media analytics within your business’ marketing strategy you could be missing out on significant traffic to your website and potential sales. On average, internet users spend over one and a half hours a day on social media and you need to determine exactly how much of that time they are spending interacting with your brand. Every time a follower or user interacts with your...
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Is A Star Wars Sith Lord Controlling Your Social Media Campaign?

social media campaign being run by a Sith Lord
There aren’t many aspects of running your social media campaign that cause more frustration and damage to your social media campaign than buying shares and followers. There are numerous examples of companies having done so and the impact it can have on a business. I like to think of businesses who offer these services, some of them who used to be very well respected organisations, as becoming Sith Lords. They are willing to exploit your need to be seen online as a way to earn money. But t...
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