The Scottish Lesson In Social Media

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When Scotland went to the polls to decide on the future of their nation, there was no precedent to show who might have won. Many looked to the polls to look at how the vote might have turned while others searched for clues on social media. Social media was truly one of the loudest battlegrounds from the voices of the people who mattered – the voters. There was also a big difference in the online support for the two campaigns. The Pro-independence campaign was mentioned 378,000 times on Tw...
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Does Content Length Affect Social Shares?

One of the most commonly asked questions is whether the length affects the number of times content is shared? This is a tricky question; there are several elements that may affect the number of shares content generates. However, it is generally accepted that content length does form part of the equation. There is some anecdotal evidence to suggest this may be true. Firstly, readers generally skim read published content to pick out topics of interest and then decide if it is worth reading....
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Social Media Statistics: The Basics To Monitor

social media statistics
Social media is one of the best traffic generators for your organisation. If you target and engage the audience right, you can expect to see huge returns on your investment. However, it takes time, patience and perseverance to ensure your social media marketing campaign runs smoothly. The metrics of social media are hard to understand. Unlike with traditional marketing analysis, you cannot simply say bigger is better. Here are some of the metrics that you are probably looking at and a des...
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Social Media Is Not A Sales Force: It Is A Relationship Builder

Social media is not a sales channel
Social media is inundated with messages advertising products and services for sale. While this may generate some paying customers, it is actually a very inefficient method of generating revenue. Online research has demonstrated social media contributes to less than 1% of all online sales. Other forms of online marketing; like email and paid search contribute significantly more (18% and 20% respectively). Search Engine Optimisation One of the best methods of online marketing is through o...
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What Doctor Who Taught Me About Marketing

Doctor Who and the daleks
Next week the popular BBC Series Doctor Who returns to our screens. The series is a remarkable tale on and off the screen. From the series history we can learn a lot about marketing. Here are some of the lessons I have learnt from Doctor Who. 1. A Fresh Change Is Good For Business Doctor Who is really good at change. The main character, the Doctor, changes his face every few years, his companions are swapped about constantly, production staff are regularly rotated and the Tardis set has...
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Three Easy Ways To Increase Your Twitter Following

Social media is becoming one of the essential needs for your online marketing activities. Those who are not on social media can find they suffer a lack of website visitors. This is because social media becomes part of your SEO, especially the basics of Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Twitter in particular is a very important aspect of your marketing. It can drive a large number of highly targeted visitors to your website. However, getting followers on Twitter can be a challenge for a number of...
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Is Automation Dead For Social Media?

A few years ago, automation was the ‘must have’ marketing tool. However relationships are not built on computers talking to each other. They are built on interactions between the business and the consumers. Therefore, is there a place in this world for automation? Well, yes and no. Automation can still be a very useful tool. For instance, the use of previous blog posts is a good way to constantly push out your content to attract new consumers. However, sitting at Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn a...
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Are You Using Too Many Hashtags?

Hashtags are a fantastic invention of the Social Media Marketing (SMM) world. Instantly have your updates linked to a several other posts with the same tag, so readers can be easily targeted based on a certain interests. Many businesses believe that placing as many hashtags as possible into a post, is a good idea. However research has shown that this is not the case. In fact, having three or more hashtags in a tweet can lead to a significant drop in your interaction rate. You are better off n...
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