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Two-Way Conversations Required For Social Media Success

As a digital marketing agency, we are constantly talking about the importance of two-way conversations between brands and their intended audience. We’re often asked whether this is fact or just our opinion. We have stated the facts about how it is important, and that those who communicate with audiences tend to generate more leads and […]

user generated content

User-Generated Content Is Powerful

When it comes to marketing, user generated content is some of the most powerful you’ll be able to acquire. Why? Because content developed by peers is considered more trustworthy than advertising. When looking at the behaviours of millennials, you can realise how much user-generated content consumers potentially view in one day. According to a survey […]

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TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 18

Those who read the news might have saw the terrible mistake The London Dungeons made on Valentine’s day. Their online campaign was slammed for being offensive. While they’ve removed the Tweets, they are still floating around the internet, thanks to screen shots. It is important to remember this. Whatever you put on the internet will […]

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TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 11

Take a few minutes to connect with people on LinkedIn. Don’t think sales, think network! We have found that a lot more business people are connecting on LinkedIn, on the weekend.

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TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 10

Did you notice we were a little late publishing yesterday’s 365 diary entry? Oops, sorry!  So, today’s plan is to put 30 minutes aside to get some ideas together and plan for next week. We tend to write about something real that has happened each day so you get an idea of what we’re actually […]

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TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day 8

Sharing other people’s content is a great way to grow your following on social media. Take a moment today to think of a brand you know that your potential customer’s might be interested in. Search for their website, find their Twitter icon. Scroll through their Tweets, pick a good, recent one and retweet it, (either […]

social media campaigns

Six Changes To Make To Your Social Media Campaigns This Year

Are you looking to make more out of your social media campaigns this year? Want a return for your efforts? Then you might want to consider one or two of these tactics that are often ignored by small and medium businesses when it comes to their social media campaigns. 1. Be Social Social media campaigns […]

TwoFeetMarketing 365: Day Four

A friend recently updated their Facebook profile picture from an event and left off three out of four heads. Take a moment today to check out your Facebook profile picture. Is it central, does it need updating, does it include staff that have left your company? Images are powerful and your viewers will remember you […]

meeting customer expectations

Meeting Customer Expectations Through Social Media

There is no doubt that social media has changed the world. Consumers are spending more than 1 hour 40 minutes a day on their social profiles completing a variety of social and practical tasks, which has led to many businesses now utilising social media to help connect, engage, and sell to consumers. In some cases, […]