Social Media Is Not A Sales Force: It Is A Relationship Builder

Social media is not a sales channel
Social media is inundated with messages advertising products and services for sale. While this may generate some paying customers, it is actually a very inefficient method of generating revenue. Online research has demonstrated social media contributes to less than 1% of all online sales. Other forms of online marketing; like email and paid search contribute significantly more (18% and 20% respectively). Search Engine Optimisation One of the best methods of online marketing is through o...
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Is Automation Dead For Social Media?

A few years ago, automation was the ‘must have’ marketing tool. However relationships are not built on computers talking to each other. They are built on interactions between the business and the consumers. Therefore, is there a place in this world for automation? Well, yes and no. Automation can still be a very useful tool. For instance, the use of previous blog posts is a good way to constantly push out your content to attract new consumers. However, sitting at Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn a...
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