Three Reasons To Do A Website Speed Test Now

website speed test image
Users of the internet are very demanding. They want to have their website’s load now and don’t like to wait around. That is why the time it takes for your website pages to load is very important. If you don’t know this statistic, you should run a website speed test now. As we’ve discussed in a recent plugin review article, speed can impact the success of your online business. Here are three crucial areas that they affect and give perfect reasons why you need to run a website speed test today....
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Is Your Website Letting You Down?

website sales images
One of the biggest challenges for businesses in this day and age is getting the customer to recognise the brand, visit the website and then commit to a purchase. Buying habits have changed significantly over the past decade and shoppers are now using the internet more to buy products, even when they are in the shop itself. The most crucial stage of the digital marketing experience is the conversion. It can take between 5 and 12 interactions, 80% of the time, before a person makes a purcha...
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A Small Business Website: What Is Important?

small business website word art
Since the inception of the internet, the small business website has changed roles. It used to be the luxurious item that was only there if you could afford it and wanted to demonstrate your position in the new world. Now it is an essential tool if you want to survive in an increasingly digital world. Yet, in 2013, 55% of small businesses still didn’t have a website. This hasn’t changed much either, over the past couple of years, small business websites still aren’t being created at the sp...
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