Decoy Effect: Sell Bigger And Better

decoy effect and pricing strategy image
While most people think that increased time spent prospecting and selling will earn you more profit, the truth is, that there are numerous tactics to profit maximisation. Cost efficiency exercises and rising prices are two, easy to implement, strategies. Another two are pricing strategy analysis and using the decoy effect to encourage customers to buy one product over another. What Is The Decoy Effect? The decoy effect, also known as the asymmetrical dominance effect, is a scenario where a...
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Five Ways You’re Eroding Trust With Your Prospects

Can you build trust with your audience
Trust is paramount when it comes to supplier-buyer relationships. Without it, you can’t hope for a purchase. Yet many companies ruin the potential for trust with a series of blunders. Most of these can be prevented very easily. Here we describe the five ways you’re eroding trust with your audience and what you can do to repair the damage. 1. Spamming Your Prospects There are numerous ways to spam your prospective clients. That doesn’t mean that it is a legitimate way to contact them....
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Top Selling Tips: Stop Selling Wood To A Forest

selling tips to build trust
Being in business means that at some point you have to sell. There is no secret about that. If your selling is done via email, on your website, in person or over the phone – there is going to be some interaction. And your success is often dependent on what you say and how you go about converting leads into customers. So looking for new selling tips should be part of any salesperson’s daily tasks. Recently, we’ve had a flurry of telesales to the office. During these calls, I’ve noticed tha...
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Is Your Online Sales Path Complete?

sales path broken with bridge analogy
Digital marketing will only help you so far down the sales path with some customers. Getting the rest to commit to making a purchase may require a greater use of interpersonal skills. But how can you implement these in a system controlled by marketing tools that are inherently impersonal? The trick is to make your online sales path more personal. This might include taking your online marketing offline for the closing stages. Here are some tips on how to personalise your impersonal sale...
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What Can We Learn From A Car Boot Sale

car boot sale like a market image
A car boot sale is a great training ground for those who want to be in business; there are lessons I often pass on to my son, who is interested in business. However, I thought that my latest car boot sale adventure demonstrated several key skills that many of the sellers were missing and that I should share. So what are the lessons we can learn from a car boot sale? Customers Want To Feel Valued Customer facing businesses know that the most important aspect of a sale is to make the cust...
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