Why Is There Such Aggression Against Self-Publishing?

aggression against self published authors
Over the past decade, there has been a self-publishing movement. Increasingly, people are ditching the traditional approach of publishing content and selling it directly to consumers with the help of sites like Amazon, YouTube and Smashwords. While there are those that champion the movement, it isn’t always the case. There is strong resistance from numerous communities against the self-publishing industry. But why is that? What could they possibly have to gain from not allowing creative a...
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Self-Publishing: How To Be An Author Superstar!

a selfpublishing author superstar!
So, you’ve written a book, and you want to sell it on the market and become part of a growing self-publishing community. The trouble is, you don’t know what the next steps are or how to become a superstar author! No problem, follow these quick tips for help: 1. Get Your Book Professionally Edited The biggest challenge for your ebook will be the writing quality, as many people would fail a basic grammar test. Only by hiring a professional editor can you be sure that readers won’t find funda...
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Why You Need To Sell Direct To Your Readers

In the days gone by of publishing, your only hope for selling your book and developing a loyal fan base was to get it published by a company. They would arrange your book sales through book sellers and you’d get a commission. Then along came Amazon and SmashWords and self publishing was introduced; authors could drop the middle man and sell through one of those organisations. This was great but you should also sell direct to your readers. Here is why. Why Should You Sell Direct To Your Read...
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How Book Reviews Can Help You Sell

book reviews image
Writing a good book is only part of the journey when it comes to selling your book online. In business there is nothing better than word of mouth marketing. As an author, you should think of yourself as a business and consider generating your word of mouth marketing campaigns with quality book reviews. How Do Book Reviews Help? Book reviews help to promote your book in several different ways. Firstly, they will raise your rank on marketplaces like Amazon and Smashwords. The higher you rank...
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Five Places To Sell Your Ebook

sell your ebook image
Whether you are an aspiring self-published author or a business looking to sell your industry reports, you have to have a platform to sell your ebooks. In today’s market there are numerous options available that will allow you to sell your ebook, so here is a quick guide to help you make an informed choice of the best platform for you. 1. Amazon KDP This is probably the biggest marketplace to sell your ebook; however, it also has the greatest supply and getting to rank highly on it is very...
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Book Promotion: How To Sell Your Book

book promotion image
Despite the wide publicity of self-published authors succeeding in their chosen careers – many don’t manage to earn more than $500 a year. This can be painfully damaging to an author’s pride and self confidence and hardly reflects on the hours of work they put into creating their masterpiece. However, the main mistake is in the book promotion of the publishing lifecycle. Without proper marketing campaigns, no reader is going to know about a book. Yet book promotion isn’t cheap. Some autho...
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