The Average PPC Conversion Cost Has Increased!

ppc conversion
Pay-per-click costs have always been questionable. At times, the average PPC Conversion cost has been relatively low, but in recent years, costs have spiralled out of control reducing the chance of ecommerce companies making a profit on their initial investment. But the average PPC conversion cost doesn’t have to be a reason to stop marketing through this channel. There are other considerations to why ecommerce companies should continue to use this medium to reach new customers. The Hist...
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Linky Link: Five Ways To Create Inbound Links

inbound link concept image
Even though link building has not been a significant means to generate a better ranking on search engines it is still an important factor. However, creating links to your site is not as easy it as used to be. In the old days, link building could be done by buying a spot on a link farm. While this was perfectly accepted by search engines, its ethics were questionable at best. Since then, Google has introduced updates in its ranking algorithms that make link farms count against websites. Wh...
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Three Industries That Under Utilise Digital Marketing

digital marketing word cloud
Digital marketing is the new way to connect with your target audience. Research has shown that online sales are increasing year-on-year and that soon more will be bought via the internet than in stores. Yet at times, there are many industries which are slow at adopting the digital marketing techniques to grow their audience. When some of these industries do adopt the right techniques for digital marketing, they don’t think strategically enough to maximise the opportunity for them. So whic...
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10 Must Read Blog Posts From TwoFeetMarketing

During our time here at TwoFeetMarketing we’ve covered numerous topics that have helped many individuals create campaigns to reach potential clients. Some of these topics are rarely revisited because of all the new content we are producing that takes centre stage. Therefore, we thought we would share with you our must read blog posts to help guide and support your online campaigns: 1. It’s A Magic Number: The Power Of Three Link: The power ...
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Easy Improvements To Your Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation
Search engine optimisation is an important part of your online marketing. Without the right elements in place you will see your search engine optimisation efforts return poor results. Many businesses make numerous mistakes when it comes to developing websites. Instead of creating high ranking sale platforms, they create good looking sites with little SEO. Therefore, businesses need to consider what they can do to improve their search engine optimisation. Here are some of the common elemen...
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4 Online Marketing Management Mistakes You Should Never Make!

online marketing management trap image
Online marketing management continues to be one of the common areas of promotion businesses get wrong. There are numerous reasons why small businesses might accidently make these mistakes and there are some businesses that purposefully use black-hat techniques in an attempt to acquire customers and raise their search engine ranks. These mistakes can be costly to your business. Black hat techniques, whether done on purpose or not, can affect your position on Google. In the worst case scena...
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Social Media Is Not A Sales Force: It Is A Relationship Builder

Social media is not a sales channel
Social media is inundated with messages advertising products and services for sale. While this may generate some paying customers, it is actually a very inefficient method of generating revenue. Online research has demonstrated social media contributes to less than 1% of all online sales. Other forms of online marketing; like email and paid search contribute significantly more (18% and 20% respectively). Search Engine Optimisation One of the best methods of online marketing is through o...
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