Google Remarketing: A Powerful Tool For Your Business

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Google Remarketing is a tool that is often forgotten about or poorly used by brands, yet it could be one of the most powerful assets in your arsenal for increasing the returning percentage of website visitors from interested prospects. The costs can be significantly lower than using other PPC tools such as Facebook, especially when you compare cost per conversion. So why is Google Remarketing so useful for your business and what are our top tips for its use? The Benefits Of Google Remark...
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Is Your Money Safe With Pay-Per-View?

Pay-per-view is when you display an advert and pay for every time it is displayed. Often you are charged a set amount for every thousand or so impressions. This has long been a standard for online advertising that has run alongside pay-per-click models. However, there are limitations for this model; firstly, you cannot guarantee that views are going to generate leads or that the right audience will be viewing your advert. And secondly, you could face Impression Fraud. This is where a p...
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PPC Marketing Tips That Will Rock Your Campaigns

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Pay-per-click campaigns are a great way to gain exposure for your small business, especially if you are a retail business. As PPC marketing campaigns can appear in a variety of places, including alongside search results on Google, the potential number of new customers to your brand is unimaginable. The most important element of any PPC campaign is the keyword. The right keyword for a campaign will allow your advertisements to be seen by a relevant audience that is interested in your produ...
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The Average PPC Conversion Cost Has Increased!

ppc conversion
Pay-per-click costs have always been questionable. At times, the average PPC Conversion cost has been relatively low, but in recent years, costs have spiralled out of control reducing the chance of ecommerce companies making a profit on their initial investment. But the average PPC conversion cost doesn’t have to be a reason to stop marketing through this channel. There are other considerations to why ecommerce companies should continue to use this medium to reach new customers. The Hist...
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Revenue Generating Avenues For Your Blog

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Blogging is a fantastic way to distribute knowledge and communicate with your audience. A good blog can promote your business without advertising any of your products and with 61% of consumers buying a product based on blog activity, blogging can be a very profitable revenue generating avenue. However, a blog is a long term investment and often the results cannot be seen for six to twelve months. That isn’t to say that you shouldn’t invest in blogging; a blog has several benefits includin...
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