Why You Should Abandon Cold Calling For Inbound Marketing

The UK consumer is inundated everyday by call centres asking them for five minutes of their time. Most calls at the moment are about Payment Protection Insurance, Accident Compensation and Solar Panels. However, cold calling potential customers could be for anything from selling groceries to finding out who the prospective will be voting for in the next election. Businesses that use cold calling could be losing money and achieving lower profit margins than they would have by implementing ...
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Optimise Your Call To Actions

Are you looking to optimise your subscription rate? Do you think your landing page’s call to action could do with a tweak? A call to action is a powerful element of your website’s design. The correct call to action will provide the contact details of highly interested consumers and allow you to process them down the sales funnel. A poor call to action will mean the potential customer will abandon the landing page. A consumer who abandons a landing page only has a one in three chance of re...
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