Do You Have A Broad Marketing Strategy?

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When people start looking at online marketing, they tend to think of each platform as a different marketing element. This is similar to when businesses create an offline marketing strategy - normally TV ads and direct mail aren’t connected to other marketing pushes. Yet, it has been proven time and time again that those organisations which push campaigns with multiple channels have a stronger marketing strategy that performs much better. For instance, having a single flyer go out is great...
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The Audience: The Forgotten Element In Blog Writing

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Blog writing is an art as well as a science. Not only do you have to consider how the writing will look on the page, but you have to think about what elements combined will attract an audience. The problem is that many businesses forget about one crucial factor when they start writing their blog: the audience. The audience is more critical to what, how and when you write content than many people give credit to. If you don’t match any one of their expectations then you may have poor return...
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Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Blackbeard

blackbeard pirate ship
Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard the pirate, is probably one of the best known names from the Golden Age of Piracy. He cruised around the West Indies searching for prey in which to loot their valuables. Since his death at the hands of a pirate hunter, Blackbeard became a symbol of pirating and is often depicted as being a horrible man who had a taste for blood and violence. However, evidence exists that contradicts this. To be more accurate, there is limited evidence to suggest he ever killed...
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Five Ways To Generate Income From Your Website

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Every business believes it must have a website in this modern age in order to attract customers. This might be true, 59% of consumers are now using Google to find local businesses to solve their problems and it is harder to appear on Google without a website. Yet, having a website is not the end of the business journey. You have to find ways for that website to generate an income. If you don’t, all you have done is purchased an expensive online business card. There are many options for...
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Three Ways BizSugar Can Grow Your Brand

If you are a business to business client and you run a blog, then you need as many people to see your content as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to advertise it on aggregator sites. These are like directories for blog posts, rather than just blogging sites. BizSugar is one of the best sites out there for you to use. We always list our blog posts on BizSugar. What makes BizSugar so effective is that other members can vote for stories they like. The site lists blog posts in two way...
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Why No-One Is Reading Your Blog When You Publish Content

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If you are a well known celebrity or a famous brand, your blog is going to be particularly active almost from the start. The rest of us have to build our blog following from scratch. Having started numerous blogs for clients about different topics, despite the initial rush when you begin to publish content, in the early days it can seem lonely. In the long term you should start to see an improvement in your blog traffic as you begin to publish content and promote your blog. However, there...
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ABC Mistakes: What Can We Learn From The Social Media Meltdown?

Someone being angry on social media
During April 2014, Amy’s Baking Company was back in the news. This time being re-featured on the popular television show Ramesy’s Kitchen Nightmares. The first edition saw the chef walk out on the couple who claimed they were being ruined by online food critics. Yet what happened next is of interest to social media marketers everywhere. Within hours of the show originally airing on television, the Bistro’s online social media profiles were being inundated with negative comments. In res...
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Six Tools You’ll Need To Build A Good Online Sales Platform

An online business is one of the best, easiest and most cost effective methods to earn a living. There are many different types of online businesses. Each one needs specific software and tools for you to run them successfully. However each one is just a sales platform and every sales platform needs certain tools to manage and promote it. Here we list several tools you will need when creating yours: Website Software You want to make sure your sales platform has functionality and a good d...
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Why You Should Abandon Cold Calling For Inbound Marketing

The UK consumer is inundated everyday by call centres asking them for five minutes of their time. Most calls at the moment are about Payment Protection Insurance, Accident Compensation and Solar Panels. However, cold calling potential customers could be for anything from selling groceries to finding out who the prospective will be voting for in the next election. Businesses that use cold calling could be losing money and achieving lower profit margins than they would have by implementing ...
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4 Online Marketing Management Mistakes You Should Never Make!

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Online marketing management continues to be one of the common areas of promotion businesses get wrong. There are numerous reasons why small businesses might accidently make these mistakes and there are some businesses that purposefully use black-hat techniques in an attempt to acquire customers and raise their search engine ranks. These mistakes can be costly to your business. Black hat techniques, whether done on purpose or not, can affect your position on Google. In the worst case scena...
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