Integration Is Key For Online Success

word art to display integration
One of the biggest problems facing businesses nowadays is the integration of their marketing. Previously, businesses could rely on one piece of content that would attract and convert customers. Now, the sales funnel is getting longer and the number of touch points is getting larger. This is why companies must employ proper online sales methodology and act upon it as a process. By moving customers from one section of the process to the next, businesses can see what is interesting customers...
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Why Does A Blog Fail?

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Blogging is an art, science and business all in one little bundle. Whether you are looking to promote a business or to earn a living at home selling affiliated products, the same rules apply. When it comes to business, 90% will fail within 2 years and the same can be said for blogs. In fact, blogs can quickly fail and I’ve seen more than one blog fail within a month. But why does a blog fail? What can be done by the team behind it to keep it going? Here are some of the ways to create a su...
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Social Media Time: How Much Is Too Much?

social media time image
Social media time can be useful for promoting your business online. It can reach thousands of local and millions of other potential customers. This is why most small business leaders tend to spend copious amounts of time on their favourite platforms in an attempt to reach their audience. However, is this social media time positive? Is there a maximum amount of time you should be spending on social media? Social Media Time A Waste? One aspect for social media often cited is that very few...
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Meeting Customer Expectations: Delight By Design

customer expectations
Research constantly states that it is easier to sell to existing customers than it is to find and acquire new customers. It is also far more cost effective giving rise to larger profit margins for your business. Communicating with audiences is one way to ensure that you continue to sell to existing customers with email being an important part of this process. However, there is often one area of business that organisations often forget: meeting customer expectations. When it comes to retur...
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Are You The General Of Your Twitter Campaign?

twitter campaign
Twitter is one of the best ways you can generate interest in your business and funnel traffic through to your site. However, to get one of the best types of campaigns going, you need many different elements working together to create a rich strategy that attracts interest in your brand. One of the elements included is the regular publication of old content. A way to keep it fresh is to constantly change the introduction of content. For instance: Top five social media tips for new busin...
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How A Professional Digital Marketing Company Can Help Your Business

digital marketing image
I’ve been asked many times about how a digital marketing company can help a business grow. While businesses often look at the direct income from blogging and social media, the truth is that it can be hard to determine this. We have covered many financial aspects of digital marketing return on investment in a recent blog post. However, as we mentioned in the blog post, digital marketing isn’t always about the direct sales, but rather the relationship built up between your brand and the cus...
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43 Digital Marketing Stats To Blow Your Mind

marketing statistics image
Do you think that digital marketing is right for your business? Are you thinking that it is just a trend that will disappear in the next few years? Then here are some statistics for you to consider: Blogging 81% of consumers trust blog content, even if they don’t know the brand. Blogs have been rated the fifth most trusted source of information online. 61% of consumers will make purchasing decisions based on blog content. B2B business blogs can generate 62% more leads. 73% of on...
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Five Signs Your Digital Marketing Is Failing

digital marketing word cloud
We’ve always said that digital marketing is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. It is very personal, cost effective and a little effort can last a long time; though not every campaign works out the way you expect. Sometimes, a campaign can fail outright. This can be very frustrating, but there are opportunities to spot when a campaign will not live up to expectations. Here is our list of signs you should be on the lookout for and what you can do to improve the outcome of y...
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ABC Mistakes: What Can We Learn From The Social Media Meltdown?

Someone being angry on social media
During April 2014, Amy’s Baking Company was back in the news. This time being re-featured on the popular television show Ramesy’s Kitchen Nightmares. The first edition saw the chef walk out on the couple who claimed they were being ruined by online food critics. Yet what happened next is of interest to social media marketers everywhere. Within hours of the show originally airing on television, the Bistro’s online social media profiles were being inundated with negative comments. In res...
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Don’t Compare Yourself To A Big Brand When You Aren’t

brand comparison, apple and orange
I was watching the BBC’s Apprentice when Lord Sugar said something interesting, “sole traders are the backbone of the UK economy”. He was saying this in relation to a contestant who he felt hadn’t a potential business that would be big enough for him, but still the candidate was good at running their own small business. Relating This To Digital Marketing This is actually a problem that is often experienced, but not talked about, in digital marketing. Many small businesses, which in their o...
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