Do You Have A Broad Marketing Strategy?

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When people start looking at online marketing, they tend to think of each platform as a different marketing element. This is similar to when businesses create an offline marketing strategy - normally TV ads and direct mail aren’t connected to other marketing pushes. Yet, it has been proven time and time again that those organisations which push campaigns with multiple channels have a stronger marketing strategy that performs much better. For instance, having a single flyer go out is great...
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Why HubSpot Is Missing Out On Extra Business!

hubspot marketing strategy
It wasn’t long ago that Hubspot approached us to become a partner. The deal was that we would promote their software and would receive benefits for doing so. For every sale that we made, we would receive a commission and the extra training would help us develop our sales process. On face value, Hubspot’s offer seems very good. This is until you boil down to the finer details. To become a partner of Hubspot, we would have to buy a mid-level package of their software. The price of this woul...
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Getting The Digital Sales Flow Right

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There are many different elements when it comes to getting digital marketing to be successful. It isn’t just about the social media or the blogging; it is how the whole group of tools work together to create a digital sales flow that will work. There are some companies that don’t consider this and it can be detrimental to their digital marketing campaigns. There are many aspects to the digital sales flow and getting the process right will help you achieve better results online. The sal...
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You Can’t Throw Money At Digital Marketing: A True Story

money to digital marketing
Investing in digital marketing is important. Research has shown that many people now start their product search on their favourite e-commerce site or Google. By ranking highly you can gain a strong foothold on the market and grow your business, or at least develop leads at an acceptable rate without much effort. However, financial resources can’t be thrown at your digital marketing campaigns. There are so many people who do and then wonder why their internet marketing efforts are not retu...
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The Top Five Misunderstandings Of Digital Marketing

Women pondering digital marketing misconceptions
Digital marketing is one of the best ways to draw attention to your brand. Research has demonstrated a dramatic change in consumer behaviour from those who search the phone books (like Yellow Pages) to using Google and other search engines. However, many people who enter the digital marketing realm to promote their business seem to collect several misconceptions that can ruin the digital marketing reputation. So here we are going to discuss some of the worst misunderstandings and set the ...
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