What Marketing Lessons Can We Learn From Television

marketing lessons
Television is often blamed as being the end of our social norms and family cohesion. On average we spend 4 hours a day watching Television in the UK. The US spends roughly 5.5 hours a day watching television. While it is often used as an escape from reality and our work, there are many marketing lessons we can learn from television and the way that executives run their productions. So what are these marketing lessons you can learn from Television and how can you implement them in your bus...
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Marketing Lessons We Can Learn From Blackbeard

blackbeard pirate ship
Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard the pirate, is probably one of the best known names from the Golden Age of Piracy. He cruised around the West Indies searching for prey in which to loot their valuables. Since his death at the hands of a pirate hunter, Blackbeard became a symbol of pirating and is often depicted as being a horrible man who had a taste for blood and violence. However, evidence exists that contradicts this. To be more accurate, there is limited evidence to suggest he ever killed...
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Don’t Compare Yourself To A Big Brand When You Aren’t

brand comparison, apple and orange
I was watching the BBC’s Apprentice when Lord Sugar said something interesting, “sole traders are the backbone of the UK economy”. He was saying this in relation to a contestant who he felt hadn’t a potential business that would be big enough for him, but still the candidate was good at running their own small business. Relating This To Digital Marketing This is actually a problem that is often experienced, but not talked about, in digital marketing. Many small businesses, which in their o...
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