Is Amazon’s Workplace Culture Damaging Its Marketing?

Amazon's Workplace Culture Image
Amazon's workplace culture has been criticised recently and there has been a huge online debate about whether it is ethically right or wrong. While there are many arguments both for and against the culture, there is certainly one thing that Amazon has to admit to – this is not good for their marketing. Amazon’s Workplace Culture Deterring Business When you look at sites currently discussing Amazon that contain a comments section, you’ll notice that the audience is mainly negative about Amazon’s...
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The Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

small business owner not looking happy with his mistake
Small business owners make several mistakes when it comes to running their enterprises. Sometimes these mistakes have little, if any impact on their operations, other than being a nuisance to staff or the owner. In other cases, they can cause significant problems that can threaten the existence of the business. This article looks at the mistakes small business owners make. 1. Buying Products / Services Based On Potential Sales While this is sometimes necessary, it is not always wise to ...
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