Are You Cross-Training You Staff?

In business, cross-training sessions, where staff are trained in an aspect of another staff member’s role, can be an overlooked yet essential task. This includes training on new software or a new procedure, and can offer security in case the employee who regularly completes this work becomes suddenly unavailable. We all know this kind of task, it’s the one that started out in your diary in January and keeps on being re-arranged, moving along to another time-slot every time you need to fit...
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The Apprentice Final: Team Selection And Knowing Your Product

So, it was the Apprentice final last night, and 12 weeks of heartache, despair and excitement are now over. First, we should say congratulations to Alana Spencer on her win and new business partner. In her victory, she has become part of a very select group of individuals. It was a close final, but there were two key aspects that contributed to the success of Alana and undermined Courtney. 1. Team Selection Alana was very careful in her team selection. She chose team members that she kn...
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Are You Suffering From Decision Fatigue?

man suffering from decision fatigue
When you run a business, you make decisions all the time, for example, how to complete client work, marketing, how to allocate resources etc. So, it is of no surprise that a lot of entrepreneurs suffer from decision fatigue. Do you suffer from it? And do you know how to beat it? What Is Decision Fatigue? The brain is like a muscle. The more you work it, the more tired it will become and the less effective it will be at completing tasks, making decisions, etc. Decision fatigue occurs ...
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The Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

small business owner not looking happy with his mistake
Small business owners make several mistakes when it comes to running their enterprises. Sometimes these mistakes have little, if any impact on their operations, other than being a nuisance to staff or the owner. In other cases, they can cause significant problems that can threaten the existence of the business. This article looks at the mistakes small business owners make. 1. Buying Products / Services Based On Potential Sales While this is sometimes necessary, it is not always wise to ...
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