Getting The Digital Sales Flow Right

digital sales flow shop sign
There are many different elements when it comes to getting digital marketing to be successful. It isn’t just about the social media or the blogging; it is how the whole group of tools work together to create a digital sales flow that will work. There are some companies that don’t consider this and it can be detrimental to their digital marketing campaigns. There are many aspects to the digital sales flow and getting the process right will help you achieve better results online. The sal...
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Six Tools You’ll Need To Build A Good Online Sales Platform

An online business is one of the best, easiest and most cost effective methods to earn a living. There are many different types of online businesses. Each one needs specific software and tools for you to run them successfully. However each one is just a sales platform and every sales platform needs certain tools to manage and promote it. Here we list several tools you will need when creating yours: Website Software You want to make sure your sales platform has functionality and a good d...
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Online Marketing Tips: Our Top Five

Online marketing pyramid
There are many blog articles out there giving you online marketing tips. If you do a search it is likely you are going to struggle to absorb all the information available. You have to know what is important and what is implementable for your business but what is important is a matter of opinion. Here are our top five online marketing tips: 1. Ensure Your Search Engine Optimisation Is Part Of Your Online Marketing Strategy Many businesses think building a website will instantly attract t...
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3 Reasons Why Blog Comments Are Bad For Your Business

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A few years ago one of the most recommended marketing tactics you could use was commenting on other blogs. Blog comments had two benefits for those writing them. Firstly it gave great marketing real estate for the business and secondly it created an inbound link. The higher the rank of the website; the more valuable the blog comments were. The problem with this known fact is that those who ran link farms and link spam networks wanted to take advantage. What occurred was a war between b...
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