How To Write A Press Release That Will Be Noticed!

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Although we don’t actively advertise it, TwoFeetMarketing is often tasked with writing a press release. We’ve had some great successes with links from the BBC and other national and local news outlets linking to our content. The art of writing a press release is very simple but people are often scared to start one. So we thought we would give a detailed view of how we write a press release so you have a chance to replicate some of the success that we have had. Step One: Consider The Pres...
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Linky Link: Five Ways To Create Inbound Links

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Even though link building has not been a significant means to generate a better ranking on search engines it is still an important factor. However, creating links to your site is not as easy it as used to be. In the old days, link building could be done by buying a spot on a link farm. While this was perfectly accepted by search engines, its ethics were questionable at best. Since then, Google has introduced updates in its ranking algorithms that make link farms count against websites. Wh...
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