One Year On: Is Google+ Dead?

Is Google+ dead?
Last August, rated one of our Google+ blog posts as one of the best online articles of the month, and we were obviously really pleased about that. The blog post was about the reports at the time that were circulating, suggesting the untimely demise of the social media network. We argued within the article that Google+ was not dead and instead explained that this was an unfounded rumour. In fact, the social media network should be a constant part of your regular social m...
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SEO Mistakes To Avoid

SEO traffic
Are you feeling that you want more traffic from Google and other search engines? Then you want to ensure that your website’s search friendliness is absolutely top notch. It isn’t easy, Google makes it very hard for website owners to develop their SEO with all their algorithm changes and secret factors that can raise your rank – yet we do know what can lower your rank. So here is our guide on what to avoid when developing your site’s SEO strategy. 1. Slow Server Research has shown it is ...
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Linky Link: Five Ways To Create Inbound Links

inbound link concept image
Even though link building has not been a significant means to generate a better ranking on search engines it is still an important factor. However, creating links to your site is not as easy it as used to be. In the old days, link building could be done by buying a spot on a link farm. While this was perfectly accepted by search engines, its ethics were questionable at best. Since then, Google has introduced updates in its ranking algorithms that make link farms count against websites. Wh...
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Google+ Is Dead?

Let’s be honest, Google is not shy about decommissioning or killing off products that haven’t worked for them. One of the biggest flops for Google has certainly been its social media network, Google+. The uptake of the platform has not been anywhere near what Google wanted and activity levels are far below what others expected. This is why some have suggested that recent moves by the company effectively mean Google+ is dead. But is Google+ dead? Or is it just sleeping ready to awaken? Why The R...
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Easy Improvements To Your Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation
Search engine optimisation is an important part of your online marketing. Without the right elements in place you will see your search engine optimisation efforts return poor results. Many businesses make numerous mistakes when it comes to developing websites. Instead of creating high ranking sale platforms, they create good looking sites with little SEO. Therefore, businesses need to consider what they can do to improve their search engine optimisation. Here are some of the common elemen...
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Is Your Website Speed Important?

website speed image
If you search on Google why you need to have a fast 'website speed' you’ll find dozens of articles giving you advice. The main reason why businesses are often told they need to optimise their website speed is because customers don’t like to wait around. Research by a number of different organisations has found evidence to support this. For instance, studies have concluded 47% of customers expect a website to load within 2 seconds and 40% would abandon a website that took longer than 3-4 s...
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