Why Is Your Email Marketing Open Rate So Poor?

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One of the best selling tools you have at your disposal is email marketing. One of the main metrics that companies measure is the open rate of campaigns. A high open rate will often signal a good return on investment. Yet so many small businesses give up on this sales path because they don’t see the results they want. The open rate is the percentage of your list that has taken the time to read your email. It doesn’t demonstrate how many times each individual has read the email, but some s...
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Why Email Marketing Is Effective – The Statistics

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Email marketing is one of the best ways to sell your product. Often it’s those businesses that have no email contacts list or email marketing strategy that don’t achieve any sales online. There are numerous reasons why this might happen. However, from experience with past customers, it is often because businesses feel email contact lists are expensive and time consuming to build. We don’t actually deny some of this – it is a time consuming activity, yet also worth the investment. Here is ...
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When Should You Remove Email Contacts From Your Mailing List?

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Every business is under the impression they need to be continuously adding to their email contact list. This may be true; a good strong list with numerous active contacts is a necessary business tool. However, there is an important part of the criteria of an email contact list many business owners ignore: active. Having an active email list is more important than having a long list of names. Why? Because if someone is not reading the messages you are sending them, it is taking up valua...
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How Often Should You Mail Your List?

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Your mailing list is one of the most important marketing tools available. Email marketing has been proven to be one of the highest performing online sale paths. Those who regularly email their mailing lists often ask the question whether they are emailing the list at the correct frequency. Getting the frequency of your mailing campaign right is important. Emailing too infrequently will not support your sales and customers are likely to forget your brand or consider your emails random spam...
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Do You Have a High Bounce Rate and Low Open Rate?

Email marketing is an effective sales method. The Forrester report states that 13% of sales from current clients can be traced back to an email marketing campaign. Another report, from Custora, shows that customer acquisition from email marketing campaigns has quadrupled in the past few years. Email Marketing Campaigns Sabortaged By Suppliers You would think with these important figures that people would put in efforts to ensure their email marketing campaigns were perfect. Unfortunately t...
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It Isn’t All About The Click-Through Rate – Email Metrics Explored

Many businesses think the only email marketing statistics they need to watch is their online sales. While this is an important outcome for businesses, it is not as useful as one would assume. For instance, are low sales because no-one read the email or because we didn’t communicate the message effectively enough? This is why we need a number of other statistics, markers which tell us which area of our emails requires attention. Here is a list and description of each of those important met...
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