Integration Is Key For Online Success

word art to display integration
One of the biggest problems facing businesses nowadays is the integration of their marketing. Previously, businesses could rely on one piece of content that would attract and convert customers. Now, the sales funnel is getting longer and the number of touch points is getting larger. This is why companies must employ proper online sales methodology and act upon it as a process. By moving customers from one section of the process to the next, businesses can see what is interesting customers...
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Poor Online Profile? Your Startup Has Already Failed!

online profile word cloud
Around 90% of startups will fail. This is a dose of reality that no business owner should ever forget. While there are numerous reasons behind these failures and characteristics that support the success of entrepreneurs, one fact is universal - if you don’t have customers, you will not survive. This is why having a good online profile is important. An online profile is more than a trend nowadays. Gone are the days when a website was something that demonstrated you were up with the times a...
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There Is A Digital Marketing Skills Shortage

digital marketing skills
If you are running a small business you’ll want to use social media and other digital marketing activities to achieve your aims. Experience has taught a number of different businesses how they can be harmed by poorly thought-out campaigns from those lacking digital marketing skills. The New York Police Department’s failure, Tesco’s hitting the hay and McDonalds’ stories are prime examples of how poor digital marketing skills can ruin campaigns. In these three cases there were massive PR r...
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