How To Factor The Effects Of Decision Fatigue Theory Into Your Marketing

shoppers and decision fatigue
Decision fatigue is a fact of life. As we make decisions, the mental energy we have left gets smaller. The more decisions we make, the harder it becomes to make them, and this affects everyone, including your customers. In fact, consumers are more at risk of decision fatigue, especially those on lower incomes because they consider the payoff between buying one product over another, and this can include multiple decisions. Then there are those who shop online. Amazon has millions of pro...
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Are You Suffering From Decision Fatigue?

man suffering from decision fatigue
When you run a business, you make decisions all the time, for example, how to complete client work, marketing, how to allocate resources etc. So, it is of no surprise that a lot of entrepreneurs suffer from decision fatigue. Do you suffer from it? And do you know how to beat it? What Is Decision Fatigue? The brain is like a muscle. The more you work it, the more tired it will become and the less effective it will be at completing tasks, making decisions, etc. Decision fatigue occurs ...
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