Meeting Customer Expectations Through Social Media

meeting customer expectations
There is no doubt that social media has changed the world. Consumers are spending more than 1 hour 40 minutes a day on their social profiles completing a variety of social and practical tasks, which has led to many businesses now utilising social media to help connect, engage, and sell to consumers. In some cases, this has worked fantastically, in others it has not. However, research has shown social media is now becoming a crucial factor in meeting the expectations of customers. With the...
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What Can We Learn From A Car Boot Sale

car boot sale like a market image
A car boot sale is a great training ground for those who want to be in business; there are lessons I often pass on to my son, who is interested in business. However, I thought that my latest car boot sale adventure demonstrated several key skills that many of the sellers were missing and that I should share. So what are the lessons we can learn from a car boot sale? Customers Want To Feel Valued Customer facing businesses know that the most important aspect of a sale is to make the cust...
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Meeting Customer Expectations: Delight By Design

customer expectations
Research constantly states that it is easier to sell to existing customers than it is to find and acquire new customers. It is also far more cost effective giving rise to larger profit margins for your business. Communicating with audiences is one way to ensure that you continue to sell to existing customers with email being an important part of this process. However, there is often one area of business that organisations often forget: meeting customer expectations. When it comes to retur...
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