The Apprentice Week Two: Leadership, Branding And Confidence

the apprentice week two team spirit
The second week of The Apprentice gave us insight into the marketing skills of the candidates. The task was simple - create an advertising campaign for Japanese denim jeans. They had complete control over the branding, video advert, bus shelter advert and interactive billboard. As usual, there were a lot of lessons to learn. 1. Human Resources It is important to ensure you are using the right people for the task. Lord Sugar made a lot of Nebula not choosing Rebecca as project manager...
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Pricing Strategy, Expertise And Decision Makers: The Apprentice 2016 Week One

pricing strategy on the apprentice
Everyone who knows me, knows I am a huge fan of The Apprentice. I’ve never missed an episode and have watched them all at least twice. It isn’t just for the entertainment value - there are valuable business lesson to learn from each episode. This year it’s bound to be the same, so each week I will be discussing the key mistakes and take home lessons from The Apprentice episodes. Episode One Task The task last night was simple - sell a number of goods to trade and direct to customers. Lo...
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