Why No-One Is Reading Your Blog When You Publish Content

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If you are a well known celebrity or a famous brand, your blog is going to be particularly active almost from the start. The rest of us have to build our blog following from scratch. Having started numerous blogs for clients about different topics, despite the initial rush when you begin to publish content, in the early days it can seem lonely. In the long term you should start to see an improvement in your blog traffic as you begin to publish content and promote your blog. However, there...
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Why You Won’t Finish Reading This Article

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Blog readers are not exactly the most loyal of visitors. Many of them won’t finish reading an entire article and some will skip to the end and just read the conclusion. About 38% of those blog readers who landed upon this page have already disappeared and not one of them clicked on anything. This may seem like a huge proportion of an audience to lose, but if they aren’t engaged to read the content, then they won’t be the best customers – the same is for your website’s blog. At about th...
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Why Your Small Business Blog Should Stick To The Basics

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The online world is a crazy place for a small business. By the time you have read this article, there will be too much information published on the internet for you to consume in a month, possibly even the next year. According to research in 2012, this is what is published within one minute: 347 blog posts. 100,000 tweets. 571 websites 48 hours of YouTube videos No matter how fast you read or how long you stay up to watch YouTube content, this is simply too much content for any ...
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Why Do You Need A Professional Blog Writer?

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Blogging is one of the best ways you can grab attention for your brand. However, writing is an art and a skill that you or your staff may not possess. Therefore, you need to consider whether hiring a professional blog writer is the best course of action for your business. There are many benefits for hiring a professional blog writer and here they are: A Professional Blog Writer Provides Quality Content For you to be convincing to your audience you need to deliver quality content on a regul...
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Understanding The Blog Life Cycle

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When you are creating a blog it isn’t just a simple process of writing content and publishing it online to immediately see traffic arrive at your site; there are numerous stages in the life cycle of a successful blog. Here is our version of the blog lifecycle and what you can do to move your blog onto the next stage. Blog Life Cycle Stage One: Planning This is such an important step in determining whether your blog will be a success or failure – so planning your blog is essential. You need...
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Create A Series In Your Blogging Schedule

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If you want to create a successful blogging schedule, you need to create one that your potential readers will return to regularly. To do this you could create a series of blog posts, with each one building upon the lessons learnt in the previous article. Having this as part of your blogging schedule has several benefits: Each article is highly memorable because it has one point, one take away value. You can use several different keywords, one for each blog post, giving your one topi...
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Consider These When Writing Blog Posts

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When writing blog posts, there are several key elements to ensure the content matches the expectations of your audience. If you don’t get the mix right, your website might not attract the audience you want or offer them a solution. So here are five things to consider when you are writing blog posts. Writing Blog Posts Aimed at The Reading Ease They Are Use To Think of your target audience and what other publications they like to read. I’ve found too many businesses expect their audience...
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Read These 5 Tips About Blogging To Double Your Business

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Are you looking to gain a significant rise in your website traffic? Looking to increase the leads generated on your website? Then why not consider blogging for your business? Blogging is a perfect platform to advertise your authority within your industry. 81% of consumers trust the information that is published on a blog and 61% will make a purchase. Blogging will also increase your site’s position on search engines and provide a reason why other bloggers should connect to your site, offe...
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How To Build An Empire With A Blog

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Blogging is one of the most effective forms of communication your business can utilise to connect with your target audience. Every day internet users spend hours reading content on blogs. According to studies, 61% of customers have bought a product from information contained on a blog. Further research has shown those who post between 3 and 4 times a week generate more than five times the number of leads than those who don’t blog at all. Those who publish blog posts twice a week are likel...
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How Often Should You Read Content For Spelling Mistakes?

spelling mistakes prevent successful conversion of traffic
One of the first chances you will have to impress your potential customers is with a blog post. If your content has a number of spelling mistakes it is unlikely the visitor will return to your blog again. It will also damage your lead and revenue generation online. The Odd Spelling Mistake That is not to say that the odd error is unforgivable. Sometimes spelling mistakes do happen and it is important to remember the odd word spelt wrong could be a simple typo. It is often quoted that the h...
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