Why Blogging Matters To Your Business

Blogging in the sand
It’s easy for a digital marketing company to say that blogging matters for your business. It's our breadwinner, and we are good at it. We often get ranked highly on sites like BizSugar and our work is linked to by high-quality sites. In fact, one high-quality site linked to not just our blog, but three of our clients’ in one blog post – now if that doesn’t speak about the quality of our content, I don’t know what will. However, people tend not to see the results that blogging can provi...
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What To Do After Publishing A Blog Post

publishing blog content image
So you’ve written a blog post and now it is up on your site for everyone to see. This is the first step to a strong content marketing campaign. However, it is only the first step and now the long road to making sure that publishing the article wasn’t a waste of time is ahead. As soon as the content has been released you should look at your next steps and start to attract the attention of your target audience. Just because you are publishing content doesn’t mean that people will come to yo...
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The Audience: The Forgotten Element In Blog Writing

audience image
Blog writing is an art as well as a science. Not only do you have to consider how the writing will look on the page, but you have to think about what elements combined will attract an audience. The problem is that many businesses forget about one crucial factor when they start writing their blog: the audience. The audience is more critical to what, how and when you write content than many people give credit to. If you don’t match any one of their expectations then you may have poor return...
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Think You’re Cut Out For Blogging? Take This Quiz

blogging image
Blogging is a time intensive activity. It takes a lot to develop ideas, create the content, check the content for mistakes and finally get the message out there. Yet the rewards can be very good. Businesses who blog are often finding that their traffic increases and they generate more leads. However, not everyone can write a blog, whether it is a personal venture or connected to a business. So take our quiz to see if you are suited to running a blog. 1. Do You Enjoy Your Writing And Read...
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Where Can You Find Free Images?

free images online
Articles and social media updates with images will attract more attention in regards to both being read and interaction. This is why finding free images that are relevant to your project is a must in today’s digital marketing world. Finding digital images can be tough. Many of the best images are taken up by iStock, ShutterStock and others. But there are still those little corners of the internet that have free images available to blog owners and social media individuals. Here is our q...
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How A Professional Digital Marketing Company Can Help Your Business

digital marketing image
I’ve been asked many times about how a digital marketing company can help a business grow. While businesses often look at the direct income from blogging and social media, the truth is that it can be hard to determine this. We have covered many financial aspects of digital marketing return on investment in a recent blog post. However, as we mentioned in the blog post, digital marketing isn’t always about the direct sales, but rather the relationship built up between your brand and the cus...
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Do You Know The Difference Between An Article And A Blog Post?

article image
It is common in today’s digital marketing world for the terms “article” and “blog post” to be interchangeably used. However, this is actually inaccurate. There are distinct differences between the two and understanding what sets them apart and how your business should use them, can help you generate good website traffic. So what is the difference between the two and how can you use them to help you? What Is A Blog Post? A blog used to be a way for people to express themselves online thr...
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How Long Does It Take For Digital Marketing To Make Money

One of the most common questions asked is - how often will it take for digital marketing to pay back my investment? This is a very sensible business question but one that is also very difficult to determine, bear with me as we explain this. What happens for one blog might not happen for another. It is also difficult to ascertain how much financial reward blogging will earn you. Blogging is not a revenue generator; it is a brand awareness tool. As such, to create revenue it often relies up...
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Three Ways BizSugar Can Grow Your Brand

If you are a business to business client and you run a blog, then you need as many people to see your content as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to advertise it on aggregator sites. These are like directories for blog posts, rather than just blogging sites. BizSugar is one of the best sites out there for you to use. We always list our blog posts on BizSugar. What makes BizSugar so effective is that other members can vote for stories they like. The site lists blog posts in two way...
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Speaking To Your Target Audience

target audience image
When you are writing content, you need to consider the target audience you are aiming to reach. Unique demographics will require different styles in writing and terminology. Getting this right can mean the difference between your business’ digital marketing campaigns being a success or a failure. One of the best examples of how different target audiences and groups communicate was demonstrated on an episode of Friends. In this scene, Rachel is talking to Monica and Phoebe about her first ...
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