Why Does A Blog Fail?

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Blogging is an art, science and business all in one little bundle. Whether you are looking to promote a business or to earn a living at home selling affiliated products, the same rules apply. When it comes to business, 90% will fail within 2 years and the same can be said for blogs. In fact, blogs can quickly fail and I’ve seen more than one blog fail within a month. But why does a blog fail? What can be done by the team behind it to keep it going? Here are some of the ways to create a su...
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Create A Series In Your Blogging Schedule

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If you want to create a successful blogging schedule, you need to create one that your potential readers will return to regularly. To do this you could create a series of blog posts, with each one building upon the lessons learnt in the previous article. Having this as part of your blogging schedule has several benefits: Each article is highly memorable because it has one point, one take away value. You can use several different keywords, one for each blog post, giving your one topi...
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