Content Length Versus Quality

Content length illustration
What is the optimum content length for your business blog? This is a question that many businesses assume they know, but actually, don’t and it can have a major impact on your business’ digital marketing success, how readers perceive your brand and its chances of helping readers solve a problem. Quality Versus Quantity – Again This is another part of the quality versus quantity question that we’ve answered previously were we suggested that you should really be aiming for both, for better p...
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Quality Or Quantity – That Is The Question

quality or quantity image
With content marketing there is normally one debate – should you be implementing a campaign based on quality or quantity? Both sides of the argument have merit and so we wanted to ask the question, look at the arguments and suggest our own answer to the age-old question. Quality Or Quantity – The Definitions Within content marketing there are several ways that you can define quantity depending on the type you are publishing. For instance, if you are talking about social media, quantity is ...
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What To Do After Publishing A Blog Post

publishing blog content image
So you’ve written a blog post and now it is up on your site for everyone to see. This is the first step to a strong content marketing campaign. However, it is only the first step and now the long road to making sure that publishing the article wasn’t a waste of time is ahead. As soon as the content has been released you should look at your next steps and start to attract the attention of your target audience. Just because you are publishing content doesn’t mean that people will come to yo...
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A Simple Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Blog Content

blog content steps
When it comes to blog writing, there is one aspect that businesses often fail on – the blog content creation. They know they want a blog, they know what they want to talk about, but they don’t know how to get their ideas off the drawing board and onto the computer screen. Yet the process of creating high quality blog content is relatively simple. All it takes is a simple process that everyone in the chain can follow. So we thought we would share the best way to develop your blog content a...
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American English: Should Your UK Blog Use It?

American english image
English is a language spoken across the world and by many of the nations that are economic leaders. As with any language, even with the written format, there are going to be differences between nations and even regions within the world. The most common difference is between British and American English. Without using both correctly, your blogging, social media and email marketing campaigns can have limited impacts. What Is The Difference Between UK And American English? Essentially ther...
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Why Does A Blog Fail?

blog fail image
Blogging is an art, science and business all in one little bundle. Whether you are looking to promote a business or to earn a living at home selling affiliated products, the same rules apply. When it comes to business, 90% will fail within 2 years and the same can be said for blogs. In fact, blogs can quickly fail and I’ve seen more than one blog fail within a month. But why does a blog fail? What can be done by the team behind it to keep it going? Here are some of the ways to create a su...
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The Audience: The Forgotten Element In Blog Writing

audience image
Blog writing is an art as well as a science. Not only do you have to consider how the writing will look on the page, but you have to think about what elements combined will attract an audience. The problem is that many businesses forget about one crucial factor when they start writing their blog: the audience. The audience is more critical to what, how and when you write content than many people give credit to. If you don’t match any one of their expectations then you may have poor return...
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Is Social Media, Blogging Or Email Marketing Best For Your Business?

business marketing options image
I was reading an article the other day on RocketResponder written by their CEO and Co-Founder, Justin Ledvina. In this article, he made the argument that email marketing was better than social media for small businesses. Some of his facts were highly intelligent and well thought out, but the general premise of the article was flawed – it applied that email marketing alone could grow a business. To me this is ridiculous. For starters, you can’t email anyone without their permission, if you...
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You Can’t Throw Money At Digital Marketing: A True Story

money to digital marketing
Investing in digital marketing is important. Research has shown that many people now start their product search on their favourite e-commerce site or Google. By ranking highly you can gain a strong foothold on the market and grow your business, or at least develop leads at an acceptable rate without much effort. However, financial resources can’t be thrown at your digital marketing campaigns. There are so many people who do and then wonder why their internet marketing efforts are not retu...
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Setting Up Your Blog – What Blog Platform Is Right For You?

Blog platform image
When you start blogging you are going to want to have a strong and stable blog platform to publish on. There are literally dozens of choices out there which include some of the highest powered web applications available – and others. In the second part of our blogging start up series, we are going to provide you with the details of options for publishing your new blog. Choosing the right platform is essential. If you use a platform that doesn’t have the right features, you will not achiev...
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