Are You Pitching Your Online Content For Your Audience?

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One of the biggest challenges for small business owners when they start to create online content is making sure that it matches what their audience wants to read. The reason for this is pretty simple – business owners and target audiences have different priorities when it comes to knowledge of their industry. The Wrong Audience Take for example a software development company. Their target audience could be business owners who are looking for custom software to help them run their businesse...
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Why Your Small Business Blog Should Stick To The Basics

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The online world is a crazy place for a small business. By the time you have read this article, there will be too much information published on the internet for you to consume in a month, possibly even the next year. According to research in 2012, this is what is published within one minute: 347 blog posts. 100,000 tweets. 571 websites 48 hours of YouTube videos No matter how fast you read or how long you stay up to watch YouTube content, this is simply too much content for any ...
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