Is A Star Wars Sith Lord Controlling Your Social Media Campaign?

social media campaign being run by a Sith Lord
Is a Sith Lord running your social media campaign?

There aren’t many aspects of running your social media campaign that cause more frustration and damage to your social media campaign than buying shares and followers. There are numerous examples of companies having done so and the impact it can have on a business. I like to think of businesses who offer these services, some of them who used to be very well respected organisations, as becoming Sith Lords. They are willing to exploit your need to be seen online as a way to earn money.

But this isn’t the only Sith Lord tactic that some professionals use on your social media campaign. What are these other tactics and how are they damaging?

1. FollowFriday – Follow Everyone

This one is often used and it can be annoying. You will see that TwoFeetMarketing will send out several follow Friday messages every Friday. However, we always say why we are recommending the accounts. For others, they simply state #ff and then list a group of accounts.

The problem is that how can your audience trust these recommendations? Think carefully before using follow Friday.

2. Auto-DM

Direct messaging on Twitter can be very powerful. However, when you automatically direct message people who follow you it can be very off-putting. It demonstrates that there isn’t a real person in control of your social media campaign and therefore limits the value of the interactions between your followers and your brand.

Instead, limit your DM’s to those who are of high interest to your brand.

3. Un-following When They Have Followed You

This is just rude and shows that you have no interest in building a community with those who could be interested in your products. The problem is that after a while of doing this it becomes obvious that you are trying out this tactic as the number of followers you have compared to the number following is significantly different.

Instead, only follow those you are actually interested in talking to whether as a client, supporter or supplier. Never follow just so they will follow you.

4. Buying Fake Followers

Buying fake followers is against the terms and conditions of many social media channels and can be very harmful to your social media campaign. Many organisations actually test their clients and potential suppliers to see if they are using fake followers and will not pursue opportunities if a large number of fake followers are found.

Don’t buy fake followers; only gain followers through legitimate social media campaigns.

5. Just Talking About You

A Sith Lord will never talk about anyone else but themselves, this can seem very selfish. If you met someone like that at a party you wouldn’t be very interested in meeting them again.

So don’t just talk about you. Interact with others online and get talking about them. This helps in not just building a social profile but also with sales as it provides you with more information about leads.

Social Media Campaign Conclusion

Don’t let a Sith Lord control your social media campaign. Instead, employ proper tactics that are going to engage your audience and keep them wanting more from you.

What other Sith Lord tactics can you think of?

Let us know in the comments.