Should Your Staff Be Promoting Your Business On Social Media?

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Should your staff be using their personal socia media accounts to promote your business?

When it comes to online marketing, many businesses have their own official account that regularly publishes new and existing content. This can be effective but unless you have a strong social media person behind you who is constantly monitoring and responding to content, there can be a lack of personality for your brand.

The important fact is that for small businesses, the personality of a brand, or the people, that sell your products is so important. Therefore, encouraging your staff to promote your business through their social media channels could be an option. There are two main platforms which are ideally suited for this.

The first platform is LinkedIn and the second is Twitter.

But should you be encouraging staff to promote your business? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of having your staff help your business’ online marketing efforts.

The Advantages For Your Social Media

Growth In Audience

Those who are working for your company are going to be connecting to a different audience than your brand’s official account. This means that your brand’s message can be exposed to a greater audience. At the same time, the audience are going to be as likeminded as your staff member. Therefore, not only do you have a larger audience but one that is more relevant.

More Personality

Another benefit is that your brand can instantly gain more personality. This is very important when it comes to selling as consumers respond better to personalities than they do corporate images.

Gives Ownership To Staff

Another benefit is that staff are then able to take ownership of the work they do. It becomes a way of demonstrating their expertise and the quality of their work. This can help them develop a sense of pride and support them with their careers.

The Disadvantages For Your Social Media

Loss Of Control

Part of the problem with allowing staff to use their personal profiles to advertise your brand is that you do lose some control over the message. Therefore, you don’t really know if your brand’s core message is being communicated effectively.

This can be problematic if they make comments that don’t match your brand’s identity and could confuse customers or turn them away from your products. To combat this you need to select individuals who are capable of spreading the right brand message.

Another problem is that you can’t guarantee that what the individual is posting about will benefit your organisation. For instance, what if they posted something about your company you didn’t want to release, or complained about a recent managerial decision? These instances can seriously impact upon the success of your online marketing and turn customers away.


Your staff could be highly beneficial to your online marketing campaigns but only if you trust them enough to generate content of the right brand message. Therefore, consider their recruitment carefully.

Have you involved staff in your social media marketing? What were the results?

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